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The Cabrini Foundation has a number of priorities for which we are currently raising funds, for more information on each of our current appeals please see below.

2015 Christmas Wishlist Appeal

When you contribute to an item on the Cabrini Christmas Wishlist you’ll be helping to save lives and provide care for the sick and vulnerable. You can give to one or more items and the amount of your choice.

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MRI Appeal for Cabrini Brighton

The Cabrini Foundation is aiming to raise $900,000 to purchase and install an MRI (at Cabrini Brighton). Currently the Brighton hospital does not have an MRI, so vital to the diagnosis and investigation of disease or injury.  Availability of an MRI at Brighton will also benefit patients at Malvern by easing demand for the service and therefore cut down waiting times

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Scalp cooling for chemotherapy patients’ appeal

A very special gift can make all the difference to someone’s life. We are hoping to make that difference by raising funds to purchase scalp cooling machines to prevent hair loss for our chemotherapy patients at Cabrini Malvern

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ED Scribe Project

The Cabrini Foundation is raising funds to conduct an innovative new research trial to test the impact on patient waiting times in the Emergency Department by having medical scribes.

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Patient Transport Appeal

The Cabrini Foundation is raising funds to purchase a patient transport vehicle to assist patients who need non-urgent transport to other facilities, services or in some cases to their homes. The cost of a new patient transport vehicle is $50,000.

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