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Our social and community outreach

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    Social and Community Outreach

    The history and development of our social and community outreach program, as well as our...

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    Our Programs

    Information on our four key program areas and stories about our activities

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    Staff Involvement

    How our staff are involved in our social and community outreach programs

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    Community Benefit

    Information about our community benefit program and framework.

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Cabrini has a social outreach program that encompasses more than 50 projects throughout Australia and overseas. It is based on strong collaborative community partnerships as an effective way of addressing economic and social disadvantage.

Cabrini contributes to the relationships through human, financial and material resources and by leveraging our skills, knowledge and services.

We seek opportunities to involve Cabrini staff, which in turn allows them to make an important contribution to our local community.

The program has four areas of focus:

  • serving the most marginalised in our community
  • Aboriginal health and wellbeing
  • International health
  • community engagement