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Work Experience at Cabrini

Cabrini has a limited number of work experience placements for Year 10 students from December each year. Work experience gives Year 10 students time at Cabrini to learn about an occupation or industry by observing others or completing tasks under supervision. It is an opportunity for secondary students to develop skills and networks and to decide what they would like to do in the future. It's an opportunity for Cabrini to showcase the many and varied occupations there are in health and potentially attract future staff. Students are placed with Cabrini primarily to observe and learn – not to undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise. Not all areas allow or have the resources to accommodate work experience students.

 Benefits of work experience;
  • insights into what a job involves
  • structured, supervised, hands-on experience
  • useful work skills that are recognised in the workplace
  • confidence in the ability to learn and become competent at new tasks
  • work/life skills such as communicating effectively or working in teams
  • a chance to demonstrate how the student can contribute in a work environment
  • an understanding of the working world
  • an opportunity to demonstrate commitment and reliability

Work experience plays a vital part of the student’s time at school. It allows them to 'test the waters' and experience what it is like to be working '9 to 5' instead of just school hours.

Conditions of acceptance of the work experience program at Cabrini

In order for a student to be considered for Cabrini’s Work Experience Program:

  • The student must be in Year 10 and 15 or 16 years of age whilte on work experience (we do not accept Year 11 or 12 or university students)
  • The student's educational institution must provide indemnity cover for the duration of the placement via the appropriate Victorian government form
  • The work experience student will be paid at $5.00 per day
  • An application for placement must be made via the Online Work Experience Application Form only
  • The department must be willing and able to accommodate the placement.

Please contact the Work Experience Coordinator for all placements. Please do not contact individual managers

Formal requests for work experience placements

ALL work experience applications from Year 10 students must be received by the Work Experience Coordinator, in Human Resources in December/January for a placement in the next year (e.g. put in an application via the online form in Dec 2016 for the 2017 school year). Placements for the entire year fill up very quickly.  We strongly suggest that students apply to more than one organisation for work experience as Cabrini cannot guarantee a placement.


For the 2017 Work Experience Program: applications will only be accepted from 9 am on Thursday 1 December 2016 until the close of business (5 pm) on Sunday, 15th January 2017.  No early or late applications will be accepted.  For the 2017 Work Experience Program - you will be notified in late February or early March 2017 if you will be offered a placement or whether your area(s) of preference are full. The Work Experience Coordinator can be reached by telephone on (03) 9508 5313 or by email at during business hours of 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursday only.  Again, we strongly suggest that students apply to more than one organisation for work experience as Cabrini receives far more applications than it has placements.

Please note:

  • Only one student per department in any one week
  • No back-to-back placements in one department – if a department has a student one week, they will not take a student placement the next week
  • Students must be flexible with their placement dates
  • Additional information

    SHADOWING A DOCTOR - Cabrini receives many requests from students to shadow a doctor on rounds, in Theatre or in the Emergency Department for a day or week but we are unable to accommodate these requests. No students are permitted to attend theatre areas, the Emergency Department or accompany a doctor on ward rounds at any time.

    MATERNITY / CHILDREN'S WARD - Cabrini does not allow students in these areas.

    ALLIED HEALTH (PHYSIOTHERAPY AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY) - These areas are unable to take work experience students at this time

    CONSULTANT DOCTORS - Work experience students who wish to have a placement with a private consultant with an office at Cabrini should speak directly with the consultant’s office as Cabrini is not responsible for placing students with them.

    CODE OF DRESSStudents are required to dress neatly with sensible shoes. No shorts, thongs, short dresses, bare midriffs or jeans – we are a hospital and students should be dressed appropriately.

    PAYMENT - Cabrini pays the students $5.00 per day which is paid in cash on their last placement day if working on the Malvern campus. If they have a placement on another campus, a cheque is sent to them at their home address