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Foundation 49: Men's Health

Each hour in Australia, four men die from conditions that are potentially preventable.

Foundation 49: Men’s Health is a direct response to this health crisis affecting 49% of the population and is dedicated to improving the health status of men across each decade of life. 


Foundation 49: Men’s Health, an initiative of Cabrini, is designed to improve the health of Australian men by raising awareness of health issues and encouraging men to have regular checks. We achieve this through the distribution of information, as well as supporting local communities and health professionals.

Men’s Health Information

Foundation 49 provides a website about men's health and wellbeing.  The website contains fact sheets about staying healthy and well, an online interactive health assessment and comprehensive, evidence based men's health information

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Men’s Health  Magazine - “A whole new ball game”  

Available electronically. Subscribe to receive the latest edition to your inbox. You can order additional copies of the magazine for special events, waiting rooms, local clubs etc. please just let us know how many copies you need via our website.

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Health information fact sheets

Foundation 49: Men’s Health has a men's health fact sheet for each decade of life from the 20's to the 70's and beyond. The fact sheet has information about how men in each decade can stay healthy and well, and the health issues to discuss during a check up with your GP. The fact sheets have also been translated into the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Greek, Italian, Polish, Somali and Vietnamese. They can be found on the Foundation 49: Men’s Health website.

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Mens Health Toolkit

For a comprehensive resource containing information on your decade of life, and more specific health issues and concerns, please order our Men’s Health Toolkit booklet– our most popular resource and great allrounder go-to resource for all things men’s health.

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Foundation 49: Men’s Health
183 Wattletree Rd
Malvern  VIC  3144
P: 03 9508 3549