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Enjoy the comfort, privacy and the highly rated care of our maternity service as you welcome your new baby.

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Maternity services at Malvern
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Cabrini’s modern, award-winning maternity service provides a welcoming and comfortable environment. Each of our 28 private, single rooms has a double bed and its own en suite bathroom. Partners are welcome to stay over to share this special family time.


Voted the number one Maternity Service in Victoria by new parents (source:  Medibank Maternity Experience Index 2011)

Our Programs and Services

We offer a range of classes and support services to ensure a smooth transition from pregnancy through birth and from hospital to your home.

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I'm having my baby at Cabrini!

We encourage you to download a copy of our Information Booklet, for all you need to know prior to your stay at Cabrini.


Commonly asked questions on giving birth at Cabrini

How long will I stay in hospital after the birth of my baby?

A typical length of stay is 4 nights, although women requiring an emergency caesarean may require an extra night.

Will my baby stay with me at all times?

We encourage you to keep your baby with you at all times as this promotes breastfeeding and helps you get to know one another.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

That’s easy - just let us know your dietary requirements at booking and we will arrange appropriate food for you.

Will my baby stay with me in recovery after a caesarean birth?

If your baby is born by elective caesarean then your baby will stay with you after the birth, with the support of a midwife to assist you with the first breastfeed.

Can I have support people with me during labour?

Certainly, it is usual to have your partner support you during labour and birth. One additional support person is also welcome

How soon can I breastfeed after the birth?

We encourage all women to have immediate skin to skin contact with their baby. This will naturally lead on to the first breastfeed within the first hour after birth.

When will I call or come to hospital?

Please call the birth suites to speak with a midwife if you think labour has started or if you have any health concerns about yourself or your baby.

Who cares for me during labour and birth?

Your obstetrician and a midwife will care for you during labour and the birth of your baby.

How long will I stay in hospital after the birth of my baby?

A typical length of stay is 4 nights although women requiring an emergency caesarean may require an extra night.

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