We aim to conduct high quality research that contributes to scientific knowledge, clinical nursing practice and the quality of patient care. We have three concurrent programs of research focused on improving patient safety and the quality of patient care: patient safety; symptom management; and knowledge translation.

Head of Department

Professor Tracey Bucknall

Associate Professor Alison Hutchinson

Senior lecturer Dr Helen Forbes 

Research assistants

Claire Weeden

Jessica Guinane 

Research Office Assistant (C)

Lenise Thorne

Higher degree research supervision

PhD students

• Melissa Brown, Improving maternity care: an analysis of perinatal outcomes in England and Victoria

• Shu-Wen Chen, Effectiveness of a decision aid on pregnant women’s decisions regarding mode of delivery

• Thuraya Eid, Nurses’ decision making in pain assessment and management in Saudi Arabia

• Trish Mant, Implementation of a falls prevention strategy using a knowledge to action framework: an evaluation

• Rinchen Pelzang, Exploring patient safety issues and strategies for risk management in hospitals in Bhutan

• Vanessa Watkins, Collaborative maternity care pathways

• Kantaporn Yodchai, Selected factors related to the quality of sleep of cardiac disease patients in central hospital of southern Thailand


Master of Nursing students

• Malene Alstrup, Does having a ‘contact person’ make a difference to patients?

• Birte Ardal, Understanding patient’s experiences of their participatory role in haemodialysis

• Jessica Guinane, Incidence of missed MET calls

• Nicki Hewitt, Respiratory and haemodynamic response to lateral patient positioning in critically ill patients, Cochrane systematic review, recipient of a Joanna Briggs Institute Grant

• Denise Owen, Survey of nurses and interns’ attitudes towards the medical emergency team