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Nursing research is integral to patient care, whether that care takes place at the bedside or during surgery. It provides the evidence to improve and support nursing practice.

At Cabrini, the aim of nursing research is to constantly improve the care we provide by evaluating the safety and quality of our services and clinical practice.

Head of Department

Associate Professor Lee Boyd

Research Associate

Ms Amanda Pereira-Salgado 

Higher degree research supervision

A highlight over the past year has been the enhanced level of postgraduate enrolments and research dissemination amongst the Education team. The supervision of higher degree research students reinforces the research culture at Cabrini and our success with publications is demonstrating growth in this area.

PhD students

Grainne Lowe: Nurse Practitioner policy and future directions (Supervisors: Plummer, V & Boyd, L)

Janet Curtis: Occupational health and safety issues within the paramedic workplace (Supervisors: Jennings, P. Boyd, L. & O’Driscoll, M)

Diana Wong: A comparative analysis of evaluation models used in disaster responses (Supervisors: Archer, F. Spencer, C. & Boyd, L)

Tegwyn McManamny: The role of primary health care in the management of dual-diagnosis patients within Australia (Supervisors: Boyd, L. Sheen, J. & Jennings, P)

Louise Alexander: What are the impacts of simulation-based education & training (SBET) on healthcare trainees attitudes towards the mentally ill? (Supervisors: Sheen, J. Rinehart, N & Boyd, L)

Masters students

Emma Patterson: The impact of an undergraduate University Fellowship Program on the perceptions of work-readiness among new graduate nurses: A cross sectional study (Supervisors: Mnatzaganian, G. & Boyd, L)

Jennifer MacIndoe: Exploring the support and information needs of women with advanced breast cancer taking Everolimus in a private oncology setting (Supervisors: Krishnasamy, M. & Boyd, L)

Victorian Department of Health ($145,000)
‘Evaluating the national standards education projects using a process and impact evaluation strategy.’
Boyd L, Cosgrave M, Goh J, Warren T, Brockhus F, Johnson M (2013-15)

Australian Government Department of Health ($570,000)
‘Developing online resource for religious and cultural advance care planning.’
Boyd, L. Pereira-Salgado, A. Walker, H (2015-17)



We are currently working to establish:

  • A student support hub to provide assistance and resources for nursing staff undertaking post graduate degrees;
  • Quality research partnerships with universities and other stakeholders;
  • Research expertise in Catholic healthcare, patient and family centred care and quality and safety; and
  • Research secondments where Cabrini nurses with an interest in research, work on a project while working part time clinically. The aim is to enhance the individuals’ research skills and embed them back within the practice setting. This will grow our local research capacity and support the development of a culture of enquiry in our workforce.