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This page is to enable Cabrini staff to easily access tools related to their work.

Cabrini Learning Management System (LMS) - for login click here 

  • Please use your Cabrini Network login user name and password to access the LMS (Not swipe card pin).
  • If you have any login issues, please contact the helpdesk on 9508 1010, Monday to Friday between 7:00am – 6:00pm 
  • OR refer to the Cabrini LMS Quick User Guide.
  • The LMS is supported on Internet Explorer v8.0 or higher, Google Chrome and Safari



Clinician Portal - Citrix Login


My Athens for Remote Access to Library Resources

• Staff must first complete a self-registration form, for a user name and password.

• For full instructions and information about remote access, please refer to the Library Intranet Page, or download attached brochure

• Please contact the librarian on 9508 3430 or email for further enquiries.


Cabrini Orientation Guide - download

Our Promise - download

Cabrini Uniform Style Guide - download