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The new Gandel Wing will help Cabrini to provide an exceptional patient experience.


Video updates

The planning, building and opening of the Gandel Wing has been documented through a series of videos.


Gandel Wing Overview

The new wing provides extra capacity and helps our team to provide even better services in several areas.


Why choose Cabrini

Patient care and experience is our primary focus and at the heart of all that we do.

Even better emergency care

To continue to fullfil our role in providing rapid, high-quality emergency care to residents of our local community, we have expanded our emergency department.

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Even better cardiac care

Cardiac care is continually evolving with new technologies, processes, techniques and procedures to help patients recover sooner. The cardiac ward of the Gandel Wing will provide a multidisciplinary approach to cardiac care, using the latest equipment and treatment methods.

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Even better maternity care

Our expanded maternity ward means more children can safely begin their lives at Cabrini.

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Even better cancer care

Cabrini continues to be a leader in cancer treatment, with comprehensive diagnostic, surgical and medical oncology care, as well as specialist palliative care facilities.

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Even better respiratory care

A dedicated respiratory ward provides specialized support to sufferers of respiratory conditions and is important to the safe and successful care of our patients.

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Images courtesy of Peter Clarke.