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Therapeutics in Rheumatology 
Dementia - an update 
Acute medical emergencies in the GP setting - chest pain 
Common Paediatric eye conditions 
Heart Failure 
Medical treatment planning and decision act - implications for GPs 
Update on sleep medicine 
Ligament and tendon problems in ankles and feet 
Advances in Radiation Oncology 
Common nasal problems and paranasal sinus disease 
Osteoporosis - an update 
Good living with Osteoarthritis from Denmark 
Cancer Care; a multi-disciplinary team approach 
Respiratory problems and fever in children 
The family practitioner neurosurgical interface; an overview 
Arrhythmias- an update 
Update on the newer diabetic medicines 
Abnormal LFT and cirrhosis 
Aortic and mitral valve interventions
Update on Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis 
Dementia and delirium- how to diagnose

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