RACGP accredited Virtual GP Education Series

Cabrini's live GP education series will be available twice weekly and participants will be credentialed with 2 CPD points for each presentation attended. To accommodate your busy schedules, our specialists present on Mondays and Thursdays via zoom. Each session will run for 40 minutes with an additional 20 minutes for questions after the presentation.

How to register
  • Simply complete your details at the bottom of the page and select the presentation(s) you’re interested in.
  • After registering you will receive a Zoom link via email.
  • In case you have any questions please contact us directly on gpconnect@cabrini.com.au

Series 5 

Update on screening for lung cancer and
advances in the surgical management of lung disease

  • Thursday, 24 September at 7.30 pm

Mr Adrian Pick - Cardiothoracic Surgeon 

Mr Adrian Pick

Mr Adrian Pick is a cardiothoracic surgeon and is highly specialised in both cardiac and thoracic surgery. Mr Pick performs common cardiac cases including coronary artery disease for bypass, aortic valve replacement or repair, mitral valve replacement or repair, and arrhythmia surgery for atrial fibrillation.

The repertoire of his expertise is not limited to these procedures; he frequently performs two or even three of the above procedures in a single operation, as well as rare and complex cardiac surgery. There is no typical age group for cardiac surgery.

Series 6

Respiratory and Sleep update: COVID-19, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Sleep

  • Monday, 28 September at 12.30pm
  • Thursday, 1 October at 7.30pm

Dr Peter Solin - Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Peter Solin

Dr Peter Solin is a respiratory and sleep disorders physician covering all facets of sleep and respiratory medicine. Dr Solin treats all types of sleep disorders, from adolescents to the aged, supervising four sleep laboratories. He is the inventor of the Pharmacy Model for home sleep diagnostics, which defined accessible and timely patient-centric healthcare for the underprivileged in the Australian community.

Dr Solin’s services include specialist assessment, laboratory sleep studies, home sleep studies, insomnia management, CPAP support, lung function testing, diagnostic bronchoscopy and oxygen assessment.  Dr Solin is the Medical Director of Sleep and Respiratory Group with Clinics at Brighton and Malvern.

‘Of Hormones and Men’ Testosterone, Health
and Sexual Function in Men

  • Monday, 5 October at 12.30pm
  • Thursday, 8 October at 7.30pm

Associate Professor Carolyn Allan - Endocrinologist

Associate Professor Carolyn Allan

A/Prof Carolyn Allan is an Endocrinologist and works across both Cabrini Malvern and Brighton campuses. A/Prof Allan’s interests include general and pituitary endocrinology, osteoporosis, diabetes, pregnancy-related diabetes and endocrinology, and male and female reproductive endocrinology.

A/Prof Allan is the endocrinology craft group lead at Cabrini Health, as well as Head of the Endocrine Pregnancy Service at Monash Health and an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Monash University. She has a PhD in Andrology and maintains a research role at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

Urogynaecology update: treatment options for
recurrent UTI’s, overactive bladder and prolapse

  • Monday, 12 October 12.30pm
  • Thursday, 15 October 7.30pm

Associate Professor Anna Rosamilia - Urogynaecologist

Associate Professor Anna Rosamilia

A/Prof Anna Rosamilia is a subspecialist urogynaecologist and Head of the Pelvic Floor Unit at Monash Medical Centre. A/Prof Rosamilia’s expertise includes the investigation and treatment of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, bladder and urethral pathology including fistula and diverticulum. She performs urodynamic assessment and surgery for urinary incontinence and prolapse; this includes sling, laparoscopic, mesh and non-mesh prolapse vaginal surgery, fistula and diverticulum repair.

A/Prof Rosamilia is actively involved in the training of current and future specialists. She contributes to research with a focus on the causes and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, in particular urinary stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, and participates in the development of novel materials, drug trials for overactive bladder and stem cells for use in POP surgery.

Men’s Health – Prostate Cancer

  • Monday, 19 October at 12.30pm
  • Thursday, 22 October at 7.30pm


Prof Mark Frydenberg - Urologist

Professor Mark Frydenberg

Prof Mark Frydenberg is a urologist specialising in urologic oncology and cancer surgery, prostate disease and general urology. Prof Frydenberg provides both medical and surgical therapies for these genitourinary conditions.

He has a strong research interest within Victoria and nationally and has published more than 190 peer reviewed articles in medical literature, and has been awarded more than $10 million in competitive grants. Prof Frydenberg’s patients have access to latest techniques and drug therapies.

Dr Anis Hamid - Medical Oncologist

Dr Anis Hamid - Medical Oncologist

Dr Anis Hamid is a Cabrini Health medical oncologist, specialising in Genitourinary oncology. Dr Hamid is a University of Melbourne graduate who trained and undertook fellowship in Melbourne and in the United States.

Dr Hamid subspecialty interests include; translational research, prostate cancer genomics, computational oncology and biomarker discovery. Dr Hamid is passionate about providing great clinical care to patients.


Female stress urinary incontinence in the post mesh area