Cabrini Health is committed to maintaining a culture of collaboration and collegiality amongst its medical staff. Preference is given toward support of those who demonstrate a high level of engagement with, and commitment to Cabrini Health. We are endeavouring to have a medical workforce of sufficient size to meet the needs of our patients, whilst ensuring that those doctors who demonstrate commitment are able to have adequate access to our resources.

Cabrini has a policy of selective accreditation. All applications are welcome, but the success of the application should not be assumed. Doctors applying for accreditation should not undertake any commitments with respect to practice at Cabrini until the outcome of the application is decided by the Cabrini Board.

Before proceeding to the online Application for Accreditation process, please read the following:

Accreditation for Anaesthetists at Cabrini

All other doctors and Allied Health professionals, select Cabrini Accreditation Application to proceed with your application.

If you have any queries, please contact Cabrini Medical Accreditation via: 

Telephone: +61 3 9508 1336
Fax:  +61 3 9508 1146