Cabrini's approach to end-of-life care

Date: 20/12/2018

Voluntary assisted dying will become legal in Victoria on 19 June 2019.

At Cabrini, we believe doctors and other healthcare practitioners should not intentionally cause the death of a person in their care and should not assist a person in taking their own life. Cabrini will therefore not be participating in voluntary assisted dying for patients receiving care with us at our facilities or in their homes while under our care.

We welcome all patients into our care, whatever their views or beliefs. We will never abandon our patients and will continue to provide care for them from diagnosis of a life-limiting illness until their death. We will treat our patients in accordance with our values of compassion, integrity, courage and respect so they may live as well as possible and die with dignity, comfort and peace.

For 70 years, Cabrini has been providing health and aged-care services in line with the healing mission of the Catholic Church. We are a specialist provider of palliative care and take pride in treating all patients with the compassion and respect they deserve. People who have a life-limiting illness are particularly vulnerable, and the way we respond to their needs – physical, psychological, social and spiritual – is very important. Our nurses, doctors and other staff involved in providing palliative and supportive care are specialists in managing patients’ treatment. All staff provide this care in line with the wishes of our patients and their families and with respect to their choice to discontinue treatment if it becomes too burdensome.

We will support and equip our staff to respond in a sensitive and open way to any patient who wishes to discuss or access voluntary assisted dying.