Three nurses awarded Peter Meese honour

Date: 27/03/2014

The annual Peter Meese Memorial Lecture was held on Tuesday 25 March at Cabrini Malvern, with the theme ‘Family cancer and the place of genetic counselling’.

Dr Yoland Antill (Medical Oncology Group of Australia) and Dr Lynne McKay (Genetics Counsellor) were this year’s guest speakers, who spoke about their work with the Cabrini Family Cancer Clinic and the valuable role genetic counselling can play in cancer screening and risk reduction strategies.

Dr Darren Lockie presented the Peter Meese Grants to three Cabrini nursing staff, in recognition of the compassionate care Dr Peter Meese received at Cabrini. The grants give Cabrini nursing staff the opportunity to develop greater understanding of cancer patients’ illnesses and their needs through study and research.

The grant recipients were:

  • Kirsten Seletto, Nurse Manager, 4 South, Malvern - Kirsten will travel to Seattle, USA to visit the Virginia Mason Hospital, Center of Excellence for cancer care. “Like Virginia Mason, Cabrini is working to develop an outstanding patient experience, where we offer high quality, appropriate care combined with extraordinary service,” Kirsten said. “I’m thrilled to receive this grant, where I can build on lessons learnt by Virginia Mason, and help Cabrini continue to work towards a perfect patient experience.
  • Diana O’Shannessy, Day Oncology, Malvern - Diana will study for a Masters of Nursing (breast care) at La Trobe University.
  • Laura Connolly, Ground South, Brighton - Laura will study for the Graduate Certificate in Breast Cancer Nursing at the Australian College of Nursing.

The 2014 event marked the thirteenth annual Peter Meese memorial event.

About the Peter Meese Memorial Fund

The Peter Meese memorial fund supports cancer and nursing education and research at Cabrini. The fund helps cancer patients in that highly skilled staff give patients and their families peace of mind, as they know they are receiving care by experts in cancer care. Patients and their families are supported through the emotionally and physically challenging experience of cancer and know that they are receiving the best possible care and advice. Gifts to the Peter Meese memorial fund help to offer Cabrini nursing staff the opportunity to develop greater understanding of patients’ illnesses and their needs. Contributions to cancer nursing education and research through the Peter Meese memorial fund can be made via the Cabrini Foundation ph (03) 9508 1382 or please visit the ‘Make a Donation’ page on the Cabrini website.

About Dr Peter Meese

Dr Peter Meese was a respected and highly regarded medical practitioner who practised in the Middle Park area before being diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in 1999. During his illness, Peter received care at Cabrini’s oncology ward, day oncology centre and palliative care service. Following Peter’s death, Dr Darren Lockie established the annual cancer nursing research and study grants and the Peter Meese memorial lecture to recognise Cabrini nursing staff for their compassionate care during Peter’s illness.