What is Call and Respond Early? 

Call and Respond Early is an important patient safety system that can be used by patients, families and carers to help us deliver safe and high quality care. Cabrini encourages patients, families and carers to participate in patient care and we recognise them as a valuable part of the health care team. By letting the healthcare team know early when things change, patients, families and carers can help us provide a timely response.

Patients know themselves best – they are encouraged to let their healthcare team know when something doesn’t seem right or seems to be getting worse.

Families and carers know the patient well. Because they spend time with the patient, they may notice changes before they become obvious to nursing and medical staff. Family and carers are encouraged to let the healthcare team know when they are worried about a patient’s condition – this could be how they look, feel or behave or they seem to be getting worse.

A patient information sheet outlines the Call and Respond Early system and how patients, families and carers can use it when they are concerned about a patient’s wellbeing.

All patients, families and carers are encouraged to speak with their healthcare team if they have concerns or questions about patient care, and if they have any questions about Call and Respond Early.