Comprehensive and patient-centred cancer care

As one of the country's largest private providers, Cabrini continues to be a leader in comprehensive cancer care. Our team understands every cancer case is different and requires a coordinated and individualised approach based on personal circumstances.

At Cabrini, our integrated service ensures you have access to all elements of your treatment in one convenient location. From diagnostics to surgical care, radiology and chemotherapy, immunotherapy, pastoral care, and palliative and supportive care, we offer it all.

Cancer can be a challenging time for everyone involved and we want to make sure you feel supported and well informed. We place our patients at the very centre of our care, recognising your right to actively participate in decisions concerning your treatment and ongoing care.

Cabrini specialists are experts in their field and will be with you every step of the way. They will provide you with guidance and support and engage with your GP and all other health professionals involved in your care.

Fast diagnosis

One of the most important factors to consider with a cancer diagnosis is fast access to experts and services. At Cabrini, we ensure all patients receive prompt treatment. Our specialists aim to triage new patients within days of an urgent referral and within a week of non-urgent referrals.

We provide fast access to all diagnostic services required for the accurate investigation and staging of your cancer, which includes a full range of pathology and medical imaging services all in one location.

Individualised treatment

We believe a coordinated approach to care will provide you with the best outcome. It is proven that a multidisciplinary approach is the most effective way of treating cancer.

For this reason, Cabrini specialists present new cases at regular team meetings where the group reviews all clinical and diagnostic results to develop the best possible individualised treatment plan for each patient. The team includes diagnostic experts, specialist nurses, medical and radiation oncologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, dietitians, pharmacists, psychologists and researchers.

Benefits of multidisciplinary care

  • Shorter timeframe from diagnosis to treatment
  • Improved coordination of care
  • Improved treatment planning
  • Identification of supportive care needs

Clinical trials and advanced technology

We are also leaders in clinical trials, providing our patients access to the most advanced treatments and therapies available. Our experienced specialists are actively involved with research and regularly attend national and international conferences.

Our commitment to translational research – taking breakthroughs from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside – means Cabrini patients have access to the most innovative surgical and medical treatment options, and therapies available.

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Key treatments for cancer

Depending on the severity and type of cancer, your care may include all or a combination of the following treatments:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Hormone therapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy

To help you navigate through your cancer treatment, we provide access to all of these services in one location. 

Cancer treatment and services we offer


At Cabrini you will have access to leading surgeons. You will also be offered the first available theatre time that best suits your needs. Our surgeons have extensive experience with traditional and minimally invasive surgical procedures and are up-to-date with the latest technologies to ensure patients receive the best outcome.

Diagnostic services

At Cabrini we provide all pathology and medical imaging services required for the fast and accurate diagnosis of your cancer. Diagnostic services also play an important role in the monitoring of your treatment and ensuring the most effective therapies for your care. 

Day Oncology and Infusion Centre

Our day oncology and infusion services offer patients easy access to a range of treatments. The same day service is available at both Cabrini Malvern and Cabrini Brighton, providing access to clinical trials and all chemotherapy, immunotherapy and infusion services. Patients are treated in a relaxed and calm atmosphere designed to provide comfort, privacy and dignity. Our team of experienced oncologists, haematologists, nurses and allied health practitioners ensure patients receive the highest quality care.

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Chemo card

A subsidised chemo card is available to patients undergoing chemotherapy at Cabrini. This card entitles patients to bulk-billed pathology and medical imaging services and a 50 per cent discount for emergency department visits.

Radiation therapy

In collaboration with GenesisCare, we offer the most advanced radiation therapy techniques on site. Our Malvern radiation services have recently relocated to a purpose-built facility in our new Gandel Wing, equipped with linear accelerators and a mapping CT (computed tomography) capability for medical imaging.

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Wellness and exercise

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise when you are undergoing cancer treatment is proven to have profound benefits. Research shows that if you are active and eat well while you have medical treatment, it may improve your quality of life, reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and the development of other health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. 

Our experienced dietitians and exercise physiologists will provide you with evidence based advice on nutrition and exercise throughout your treatment. Visit our Allied Health Centre page for more information or call us on (03) 9508 1700.

Symptom and Urgent Review Clinic (SURC)

The SURC is a nurse-led service offering both telephone advice and face-to-face clinic support for patients experiencing side-effects from chemotherapy or immunotherapy. If you are feeling unwell, are worried about your symptoms or need advice about managing particular side-effects, the experienced oncology nurse at the SURC can help. The SURC is located within the Day Infusion Centre at Cabrini Malvern and is open weekdays 8.30 am – 4 pm (please call before attending). Cabrini oncology and haematology patients at any site can access the service. Please call (03) 9508 1944 for more information.

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Family cancer clinic

The Cabrini Family Cancer Clinic offers hereditary cancer risk assessment by specialist genetic counsellors and oncologists for people concerned about their personal or family history of cancer. We aim to help people come to decisions about managing their risk of cancer with preventative and early detection strategies.

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Palliative and supportive care

Our palliative and supportive care service is available throughout our hospitals and health facilities. Our 22 bed Cabrini Prahran palliative care inpatient unit specialises in complex symptom management to support patients living with terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

Our enhanced model of care ensures our palliative and supportive care services are integrated early on into our patients’ treatment plans. Research shows that early integration has many proven benefits and can help extend life expectancy, and quality of life for people living with terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

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