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Welcome to the Cabrini Paediatric Ward. We offer a comprehensive range of elective medical and surgical services to infants, children and adolescents in our welcoming and autism-friendly ward. 

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Level 1, Malvern Hospital

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Cabrini Paediatrics - General Information on Theatre Admissions

Cabrini is autism-aware


Cabrini Malvern
181-183 Wattletree Road, Malvern VIC 3144
(03) 9508 1222

About our Paediatric Ward

The Cabrini Paediatric Ward is an 18 bed, autism-friendly inpatient unit including ten overnight and eight day beds. We provide a friendly and family-centred care for infants, children and adolescents who have a range of medical and surgical conditions.

Our team of expert paediatricians and paediatric surgeons are supported by an experienced team of paediatric nurses and allied healthcare professionals to ensure the highest standard of private paediatric care. 

Our main ward is located at Cabrini Malvern but we are also able to offer some elective procedures at Cabrini Brighton.


Paediatric services offered

We offer a comprehensive range of paediatric specialties with significantly lower waiting times for appointments and surgery than public hospitals. Our paediatric medical and surgical services include:

  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Ear, Nose and Throat surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Medicine   
  • General Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Respiratory and sleep medicine
  • Urological Surgery 

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Why choose Cabrini for your child's care?

We understand that having a child admitted to hospital for illness or surgery can be a difficult and stressful time for families. Our philosophy of ‘family-centred care’ means we place our patients and their families at the very heart of our healthcare delivery. Your child will receive the highest standard of care around the clock from our team of paediatricians, paediatric surgeons and nurses, and allied healthcare professionals. 

Embedded in our philosophy is the understanding that parents remain the most knowledgeable and committed advocates for their children. Research has found that children whose families and significant others are involved in their care make better recoveries, and have shorter hospital stays. For this reason, we allow parents or the primary carer to stay by their child's bedside throughout their stay. We also welcome observations and insights when customising your child's care plan, ensuring you are involved in your child's diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

“The care provided today was exceptional and we were treated with respect and kindness. From the nurse who called me the day before to take my son's history and explain the process, to the nurse who wheeled my son back to the car, and everyone in-between has been amazing. My son has additional needs and to have surgery was a daunting prospect for a 10 year old with Autism spectrum disorder. As a parent of a child that has many experiences in numerous healthcare organisations, today really was a highlight and demonstrated what a fabulous hospital you have, with staff that obviously enjoy their work and are able to create a wonderful patient (and family) experience. Thank you and keep up the amazing work you all do.” – Stacey, March 2019

“I cannot speak highly enough of the care provided to my son. The whole experience from the pre-admission phone call letting us know what to expect and finding out about my son, through the operation and recovery and discharge, and then the phone call after discharge checking on how my son was doing. It was positively a 15/10 experience” - Natalie, 2018


Autism-friendly Paediatric Ward

Our Paediatric Ward has been designed to meet the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and empower them as they receive care. Cabrini’s autism-friendly initiatives include:

  • Pre-admission phone call with all parents to gather important information about their child including known coping strategies and any stressors.
  • Virtual online tour of our ward to allow children and their families to familiarise themselves with our facilities in advance.
  • Single room allocation where possible, even if the patient is having day surgery.
  • Bedside communication whiteboards to improve communication between patients, families and staff.
  • Quiet time between 1pm and 3pm with dimmed lights, limited corridor traffic and quiet activities.
  • Sensory Toolboxes, developed in collaboration with TLC for Kids, including a variety of toys and books to reduce any anxiety and fear.

The facilities and services were developed following research by Cabrini Health and Deakin University, which was funded by our generous donors Brian and Lee Johnstone.

The research found health services could be optimised through the early identification of patients with autism spectrum disorders, minimising anxiety and sensory triggers, staff training and enhanced communication with patients, families and staff.

Useful information about our ward

Day procedures

Children who have day surgery are accommodated in our 8-seat day room. Each child is given a comfortable recliner chair, or cot. An electronic tablet and television are available in each area. As there is limited space within the day room, we ask that excess baggage and equipment be left at home.

Overnight stay

The Paediatric Ward has 10 beds accommodating medical and surgical patients. It has eight single rooms and one shared room. Every effort is made to provide patients with single rooms, but it is not always possible. Allocation is based on the health needs, or admission date of our patients.

Parent/guardian overnight stay

We know children recover best when they are with their parent, guardian or carer. We provide a fold-out bed and linen for one adult so they can stay with their child overnight. The fold-out beds must be packed away during the day to give our staff access to the patient's bedside. We do not provide overnight accommodation for siblings. 


To ensure their safety, it is hospital policy that children under three are transported around the hospital in a cot. If your child prefers a bed, this can be arranged with your nurse; however cot or bed sides must remain up at all times.

Visiting hours

For more information about visiting our hospitals and facilities, please see our information for visitors.

Ward security

In the interest of our patient's safety, the entrance to the ward is locked. Please use the intercom to access the ward. All beds within the ward are covered by closed circuit cameras which relay to the nurses’ station only. This is for the safety of our patients and is not a recording device.

We want your experience at Cabrini to be both positive and enjoyable. Thanks to a generous gift by the late Lindsay G. Quinn, our ward has been equipped with infra-red and kinetic sensors to allow our younger patients to play high-tech games during their stay.

All patients have access to free Wi-Fi and Foxtel on all TVs including the children’s comedy and movie channels. We also offer a wheelchair accessible interactive playroom equipped with a range of board games, activities and books. Sensory toolboxes and quiet activities are available during quiet time.


A food monitor will visit your room or call you to arrange patient and parent meals. Menus are available at each bedside. If your child has an allergy or food sensitivity, please inform your nurse. Visitors have access to the hospital café from 7am to 7pm where a selection of hot and cold food and drinks are available for purchase. Alternatively, vending machines are accessible 24 hours a day outside the café.

Your feedback

At Cabrini we strive to provide the highest possible standard of care. We appreciate receiving positive feedback from our patients and their families. But we also want to hear from patients whose expectations were not met, to give us the chance to improve our services. 

You can provide a compliment or make a complaint via our online feedback form.