The Nuclear Medicine department provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic Nuclear Medicine procedures. The department utilises two SPECT-CT Gamma Cameras and a dedicated Myocardial Gamma Camera, ensuring your patient has access to the highest quality state-of-the-art technology that optimises clinical diagnosis, patient outcomes and the lowest possible dose of radiation use. 

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T: (03) 9508 7436
F: (03) 9508 1308

Diagnostic services offered

  • Biliary Studies – to assess acute or chronic cholecystitis
  • Bone Scan - to diagnose fractures, metastases, infection and sports injury
  • Brain Scans – to assess dementia
  • Gastrointestinal Transit Studies – Oesophageal Motility Study, Gastric Emptying, Small Bowel Transit, Colonic Transit
  • Gated Cardiac Blood Pool Scan – to assess cardiac function
  • Infection Imaging – Gallium and White Cell Studies
  • Lung Ventilation Perfusion Scan (V/Q scan) – to diagnose PE, Quantitation (for assessment
  • Lymphoscintigraphy – to determine the sentinel lymph node, to assess lymphedema
  • Myocardial Perfusion (Exercise Thallium or Sestamibi) to assess for coronary artery disease preoperatively)
  • Renal studies - to assess split function, obstruction, scaring, renal artery stenosis
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid Studies

Specialist expertise on-site

All of our reporting consultants are dual-accredited, providing a wide range of clinical expertise. To enhance your patients’ diagnostic outcome, we can offer bookings on the days that the relevant subspecialist consultants are on-site.

Consultant Dual Accredited Rostered Days
Dr HB Toh Radiologist | Nuclear Medicine Physician Monday
A/Professor Nathan Better Cardiologist | Nuclear Medicine Physician Tuesday
Dr Dinesh Sivaratnam Cardiologist| Nuclear Medicine Physician Wednesday & Thursday
Dr Jenny Woo Endocrinologist | Nuclear Medicine Physician Friday

Same day results are available for the majority of studies. Reports and images can be accessed online via InteleViewer (PACS).

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