Below is a comprehensive list of our orthopaedic surgeons. For more information, including their consulting room locations, click on their profile link.

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Mr Shane Barwood



A/Prof Simon Bell

Shoulder and elbow


Mr Derek Carr

Knee and shoulder


Dr Siva Chandrasekaran


Anterior hip replacement, hip arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, sports injuries of the hip and knee, fracture surgery


Dr Ash Chehata

Trauma, fracture management, upper limb, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand

Mr Harry Clitherow

Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand


Mr Steve Csongvay

Hand, wrist, fracture, surgery, keyhole, elbow and shoulder surgery


Mr Richard Dallalana

Shoulder and elbow


Mr Isawadi Damasena




Mr Brian Devitt

Hip and knee surgery


A/Prof Leo Donnan Paediatric orthopaedics, joint replacement, fracture management, sports injuries, foot and ankle  

Mr Max Esser

Hip and knee joint, fracture management


Mr Daniel Goldbloom

Foot and ankle, bunion, arthritis, ankle instability, trauma

Mr Peter Hannon

Knee and hip


Adj A/Prof Greg Hoy

Shoulder and elbow, sports medicine


Mr Chris Jones


Hip and knee joint


Mr Michael B Johnson

General paediatric orthopaedics, scoliosis, spine deformity, hip dysplasia, congenital talipes equinovarus (club foot)


Mr Sam Joseph


Hip and knee specialist


Mr Troy Keith

Ankle, foot and trauma surgery, ankle ligament reconstruction, ankle and foot fractures, ankle arthritis, achilles tendon problems, bunions and painful flat feet


Dr Brian Loh



Mr Owen Mattern



Mr Gary Nattrass

Scoliosis, paediatric hips: DDH/Perthes/SUFE


Mr Ikram Nizam

Anterior bikini hip replacement, hip arthroscopy, patient-specific knee replacement, hip and knee, sports injuries


Mr Mark O’Sullivan

Knee, hip, paediatrics

Prof Minoo Patel

Shoulder, elbow, wrist trauma


A/Prof Marinis Pirpiris

Arthroscopy, hip, knee, shoulder, paediatric, sport, arthritis


Mr Rodney Richardson

Knee, hip replacement, arthroplasty


Mr Daniel Robin

Hip and knee – arthroscopic surgeries and joint replacements, lower limb trauma


Mr Jonathan Robin

Knee sports injuries and patellofemoral instability (incl. paediatric), knee replacement (robotic arm assisted), hip replacement


Dr Daevyd Rodda

Anterior hip replacement, customised patient-matched, knee replacement


Mr Matthias Russ



Mr Rabi Solaiman

Hip and knee


Mr Brendan Soo

Elbow and shoulder


Mr Adrian Trivett

Knee injuries, arthroscopy, reconstruction, replacement

Dr Harry Tsigaras

Hip and knee joint 


Mr Scott Tulloch

Sports knee injuries (ACL reconstruction, meniscus, patella surgery), hip and knee replacement, trauma (fractures)


Dr Amy Touzell

Orthopaedic surgery, foot and ankle trauma


Mr Otis Wang Sports injuries, ankle arthroscopic ‘keyhole’ surgery, ligament and syndesmosis reconstruction, bunion and toe correction and achilles conditions

Mr Nathan White

Knee sports injury and knee replacement


Mr Tim Whitehead

Knee surgery


Mr Warwick Wright

Hand, elbow and shoulder


Mr Shay Zayontz

Hip and knee replacement

sports injuries, ankle arthroscopic ‘keyhole’ surgery, ligament and syndesmosis reconstruction, bunion and toe correction and achilles conditions