Injury management

Cabrini Malvern has an emergency department, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for both adults and children.

Covering such a broad range of orthopaedics specialities, Cabrini offers a highly-skilled and specialised emergency service to manage injuries, including both sporting and trauma based, which can commonly include fractures and soft tissue injuries. 

Cabrini’s Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department is staffed by skilled and senior medical specialists who are supported by on-call orthopaedic surgeons. You will be seen by a consultant, in the most prompt timeframe possible. There is also a dedicated operating theatre for emergency surgery, which ensures surgery for your injury is performed as soon as possible.

There is medical imaging onsite and conveniently located within the emergency department, to allow for quick diagnosis and treatment of injuries.

Preadmission service

You will be contacted by our nursing preadmission service prior to your admission, who will answer your questions and cover a variety of topics including:

  • How to prepare for surgery
  • Day of surgery admission
  • What to expect during and after your hospital stay

Enhanced Home Orthopaedic Program (eHOP)

At Cabrini, we can offer you an Enhanced Home Orthopaedic Program (eHOP) following your joint replacement, designed to support your transition to home successfully.

Our inpatient healthcare team will support you to mobilise early and safely, manage pain, and regain your confidence walking as soon as possible to prepare you for home. Most patients who utilise this program can return home from hospital after two to three days.