The Cabrini Parkinson’s Program will help you manage your symptoms so you can “do what you do” as independently as possible. We will support you, your family and significant others on your journey. Our team has been specifically trained to work with people with Parkinson’s. The team includes:

  • Clinical psychologists for counselling and emotional support
  • Dietitians to advise on dietary management for weight and constipation
  • Neuropsychologists for assessment and advice on thinking or memory changes
  • Occupational Therapists for managing day-to-day tasks and activities, handwriting and equipment
  • Physiotherapists to provide strategies for moving around, walking, balance and posture. They also provide hydrotherapy
  • Psychiatrists who specialise in movement disorders, to manage depression, anxiety and other psychiatric issues
  • Rehabilitation Doctors who have experience managing Parkinson’s patients in hospital and the community
  • Social Workers for help with emotional wellbeing, arranging practical support and aged care services
  • Speech Pathologists for helping speech and communication, swallowing problems and saliva problems such as drooling
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