Inpatient programs

We offer a 30 bed boutique, women’s-only centre, with a range of programs. Inpatient clients will generally stay for up to 10 days and then be supported by Cabrini staff in their home setting, which is proven to help people more effectively deal with their illness in everyday life.

Women who stay at the hospital will have their own private room with ensuite, and have access to an integrated open plan living and dining area, and state-of-the-art group therapy, interview, and consulting rooms.

Individualised group therapy programs

During the client’s inpatient stay there are structured programs. We also offer a range of classes to support wellbeing, which are evidenced-based and tailored to suit each person’s treatment plan.

The inpatient therapy program operates seven days a week and is run by our qualified and highly trained, multidisciplinary mental healthcare team. Inpatient programs consist of general programs, which all women can attend, and illness specific specialised programs, which are tailored to women within each diagnostic illness.

Psychoeducation groups

During the inpatient stay there are weekly psychoeducation groups, which provide general principles about the understanding of mental ill health in women using a biopsychosocial framework will be delivered on mood disorders, cPTSD, SUD and others. These sessions, held in the evenings, permit attendance by family members and other nominated support people for inpatients. 

Day and evening programs

In addition to inpatient care, we offer day programs for clients who have completed an inpatient stay may attend these outpatient programs for continued support. Upon discharge as an inpatient, clients will be enrolled in an individualised outpatient therapy program, which is agreed upon by the individual and the multidisciplinary treating team.

Mental health home care (transition to home care)

Our mental health home care service assists a client to continue working on their recovery ‒ developing and utilising coping strategies to maintain mental wellbeing. A client will receive home visits and support from clinical staff as their care team works with the client and community care providers in ensuring goals of care continue to be prioritised. Other support may include an option to receive visits and support from volunteers for social activities.

Prior to discharge, our care team will discuss any worries and concerns in transitioning back to home life and will organise the visits and support needed.