Since 2006 the Cabrini-Monash Clinical School has been responsible for delivering the Monash University MBBS curriculum to third year students. The program has continued to develop providing supervised and assessed clinical placements for Monash year 3 and 5 students enrolled in the Monash Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) course. 

In 2015, Cabrini extended its teaching to accommodate the University of Notre Dame final year students.

Monash Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Third Year Placement

Clinical placement / bedside teaching /mentoring

Cabrini accepts approximately 24 third year Monash students each year. They are rotated through the medical and surgical disciplines to provide a broad exposure to both clinical problems and learning opportunities. Bedside clinical skills are taught by the clinical tutors, registrars and fifth year medical students. Vertical integration of all levels of students and doctors allows for diversity in teaching styles.

Every Wednesday the Cabrini students come together remotely via zoom with the Central Clinical school cohort from The Alfred, Epworth and the Peninsula to attend their core curriculum teaching. This includes lectures, tutorials, presentations and some procedural sessions.

Fifth Year Placement

Clinical Placement

Fifth year Monash students have 6-week clinical placements in medicine, emergency, anaesthesia/pain management, aged care and general surgery to provide a ‘pre-intern’ experience. Fifth year students are expected to contribute to third year bedside teaching and mentoring. Students are assessed by way of professional behaviour forms and a Pre-Intern Appraisal assessment.

Electives for Monash students enrolled in the Monash Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) course are subject to availability. To enquire, please email to Jennie McInerney. 

Please note we do not currently have the capacity to accept students from other universities for electives. 

Notre Dame Medical Students

Cabrini has extended its teaching to accommodate final year University of Notre Dame medical students.

As part of this program, Cabrini offers 4-week placements in Cardiology and 2-week placements in Palliative Care (jointly with Calvary Health Care Bethlehem). 

Why do your undergradudate training at Cabrini?

The Cabrini program has a strong emphasis on professional behaviour and role modelling for medical practice. Cabrini has a small cohort of students who get access to many patients and over 120 consultant specialists who offer weekly tutorials, single lectures or time in their rooms, theatre or clinics. Cabrini has a patient population with diverse spectrum of illness. All staff at Cabrini value students for their contribution to our community.

Final years receive a lot of one-on-one time with their direct supervisors and are actively involved in ward rounds and academic meetings. Students have the option of doing a Bachelor of Medical Science at Cabrini.


  • Comprehensive and unique health service
  • Low student numbers
  • Involvement in three hospital sites: Malvern (high acuity care), Brighton (medium acuity care) and Prahran (palliative & supportive care)
  • Availability of junior medical staff (registrars and fellows) for teaching

Student Testimonials

  • The staff and patients at Cabrini are very interested in promoting learning and are welcoming to students. I think we have all developed a lot over the year, and I am very grateful for the experience
  • Thank you to all the staff who made this year what it was. The general consensus amongst all of us 3B students is that we will miss Cabrini dearly, and how much it has benefited us all. 

Medical Undergraduate Education Staff

Monash University Clinical Dean
Associate Professor David Brewster

Monash University Clinical Site Administrator
Jennie McInerney | | Ph: (03) 9508 3435

Undergraduate Student Coordinator Notre Dame
Donna Li | | Ph: (03) 9508 3427