Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day

Date: 12/05/2021

Every year on 20 May we celebrate International Clinical Trials Day, a day where we pay thanks to the clinical researchers and all those who volunteer for clinical trials. Their commitment to clinical research ensures people receive the safest, most effective and best treatment options to improve their health.

The day itself is in recognition of James Lind, who started his scurvy clinical trial aboard a ship in 1747. This is largely considered to be the very first randomised clinical trial conducted and laid foundations for the clinical research we do today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought more attention than ever on the importance of clinical trials. To have developed safe and efficacious vaccines that safe guard against severe COVID-19 disease in a little over 12 months of the virus emerging, is an incredible and unprecedented effort in clinical trial research. To outline just how significant this achievement is, the fastest vaccine ever developed was for mumps in 1967, taking four years to develop, and considered extremely quick given most can take 10-15 years on average to develop.

Cabrini is heavily involved in clinical trial research across multiple therapeutic areas, including but not limited to oncology, arthritis, back pain, surgery, palliative care, physiotherapy, psycho-oncology, intensive care and gastroenterology. 


Clinical trials day

Kate Hurford (right), Associate Team Leader Oncology Clinical Trials Team, with clinical trials patient Mrs

In April 2021, we opened the Cabrini Cancer Institute, a new facility dedicated to advancing translational research and clinical trials.  Funded by a grant from the Federal Government, the new facility will provide Cabrini with the capacity to double the number of oncology clinical trials within the next two years. The new facility also houses a state-of-the-art exercise research laboratory that will develop and run clinical trials to examine how exercise can improve cancer patient outcomes and quality of life.

The success of clinical trials at Cabrini comes from the commitment and teamwork of our clinician researchers, patients, study coordinators, hospital service departments and administrative supporters. Please join us in celebrating International Clinical Trials Day, by recognising the people who are committed to clinical trials and thanking them for the work they do every day to improve worldwide health.