Be a part of Cabrini Research Week 2019

Share your new ideas, results and outcomes of your research and quality improvement projects with your peers, visitors and the community.

Abstracts are invited from any area of health research or quality improvement programs involving Cabrini.

  • Projects do not need to be completed in order to present them, present an abstract and gain important feedback to guide your work.
  • Just starting out with a project? Present an abstract to gain feedback and ideas.
  • Presented your work recently? Submit an abstract so that we can hear about your work too.

No matter what stage you are at in your career – novice, early career or an experienced investigator, we want to hear from you.

Make sure you submit your abstract by COB Friday 19th July 2019!

** Please note, Research Week will run at Cabrini Malvern from Monday 7 October to Friday 11 October.

If you are not available as the presenting author on the day allocated to your presentation, you can nominate someone else to present on your behalf.

Application Process:

1. Prepare your abstract following the Abstract Guidelines detailed below

2. Complete the Online Abstract Submission form and attach your abstract electronically by close of business Friday 19th July 2019

3. All communications will be with the presenting author

4. All efforts will be made to offer oral presentations when requested. In the event that too many oral presentations are received for the event, poster presentations will be offered as a second preference 

Abstract Guidelines:

  • Word count: no more than 300 words in the body of the text (i.e. Not counting title, authors or institutions)
  • Format: Calibri font, size 11, left justify, single spacing, no blank lines; in word format
  • No diagrams, tables or charts in the abstract
  • Title: Bold, lower case – Limited to less than 100 characters. No underlines or acronyms to be used in the title
  • Authors: First name followed by last name. Do not include titles and degrees. Underline submitting author. Insert institution identifying number after each author’s name if multiple institutions are involved, i.e. Mary Citizen1, Joe Bloggs1,2
  • Institution/Organisation: Include department if appropriate, institution, and city. Only add country if not Australia. Multiple institutions should be identified by a number and cross referenced with the authors (see above) i.e. 1Cabrini; 2Alfred
  • Abstract Structure: Abstract should contain headings in bold with text continuing on the same line - Background, Aim, Methods, Results*, Conclusions*.

*Note: If submitting a new project which does not yet have results or conclusions please omit ‘Results’ and ‘Conclusions’ subheadings from the abstract structure.

Questions?  Please contact

Claire Turner
T:9508 3434

Emma Baker
T: 9508 3493