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Scientific Discovery to Clinical Impact

Cabrini Research is a multi-disciplinary private research institute with a unique culture that focuses upon outcomes that best serve our community. Our researchers are driven by a shared vision to improve human health across a broad spectrum of areas. Together, they have improved patient outcomes and changed how healthcare is delivered not only across the Cabrini Health network, but globally.

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We provide a platform for researchers to collaborate across departments and institutions, discovering new approaches to patient-centric healthcare.

Each of our research departments seek to identify discoveries of real-world importance, translating clinical evidence into healthcare practice for population-wide changes to policy.

We offer the same support services that help our researchers deliver clinical outcomes to the broader research community across government, industry, and research sectors.

Research Themes

Our research themes tackle disease and other healthcare-related challenges through an inter-disciplinary approach, seeking novel solutions that cut across departments and institutions. Cabrini Research facilitates this by providing a platform for collaboration so that researchers are able to work towards shared objectives, placing patients at the core of everything they do.

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• Cancer
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Mental Health
• Critical Care Medicine
• Translational
• Precision Medicine
• Health Informatics

Research Departments

Our research departments drive our work, making discoveries across a broad range of areas that reflect the diverse clinical services delivered by Cabrini Health. From the laboratory to the translation of discoveries into clinical practice, Cabrini Research is committed to identifying innovations of global significance while focused on delivering tangible impact for our patients and community. The strong relationship between our departments and hospitals facilitate this, bringing together scientists and clinician researchers through a shared purpose to further medicine for all.
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• Medical Oncology Research Department
• Surgery Research Department
• Urology Research Department
• Cardiology Research Department
• Nursing Research Department
• The Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc)
• Health Informatics Research Department
• Psycho-Oncology Research Department
• Intensive Care Research Department
• Emergency Medicine Research Department

Research Support Services

Supporting medical research across disciplines and stages, our Research Support Services provide a comprehensive and consolidated range of resources for both internal and external projects. Delivering facilities in research design and governance, we also draw upon Cabrini’s strengths in translation science and clinical trials to assist projects throughout their development stages.


The Cabrini Research Governance Office reviews projects for ethics compliance in accordance with NHMRC, and both state and federal government standards. Through its shared values with the Church, Cabrini also evaluates projects for their alignment with Catholic teachings.

The Office has also overseen countless projects that have gone on to directly impact the lives of not only our patients, but standards of clinical best practice more broadly. Through robust governance and advice, research and development can benefit from the wealth of experience and insight accumulated at Cabrini Research.

To learn more, visit the Cabrini Research Governance Office.


Collaboration is a critical driver of clinical research, drawing upon strengths to maximise impact and, ultimately, change. To further support this exchange, Honorary Researcher Appointments are available to formalise our continued engagement with external researchers and facilitate access to Cabrini resources.

To learn more, including information about eligibility and sponsorship, visit Honorary Researcher Appointments.


Clinical trials are central to both the on-going work and demonstrated strengths of Cabrini Research. Through services such as study coordination and staffing, patient management, and budgetary and financial evaluation, the Cabrini Clinical Trials Business Hub supports and oversees a wide range of clinical trials across sectors.

For more information about the Cabrini Clinical Trials Business Hub, contact


Our data scientists provide advice and guidance for researchers in:

project design;
data collection and management; and
data transformation, analysis, and visualisation.

Either through single consultations or on-going support, Cabrini can deliver targeted biostatistical support across a wide range of platforms.

For more information about our biostatistical support services, contact


Through a commitment to our community and our standing as a recognised private research institute, we have been able to develop a network of partners to which we regularly share our work through a variety of modalities. Researchers are welcome to participate through our Marketing and Research Communications services, whether it be digitally or through our in-person events, regularly held throughout the year.

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