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News and Events

News and Events

top shot tn
Top Shot

Cabrini is proud to support the Malvern Bowls CIub with a new sponsorship arrangement celebrated on Saturday 26 September. ... Learn more

Patient resident and family advisory committeeresized
New members sought for peak consumer advisory committee

We are seeking to add some extra consumer members to our Cabrini Patient, Resident and Family Experience Advisory Committee. ... Learn more

CabriniFromOnePebbleManyPearls cover tnv1
Launch of new Cabrini History Book

In September 2015, Cabrini published the second volume of its history From one pebble, many pearls: perspectives on Cabrini Health 1999−2012 by Melbourne based author Di Websdale-Morrissey. ... Learn more

Benefits for maternity patients

Cabrini Malvern offers the benefit of early maternity discharge package for new mothers who want it and for whom early discharge is clinically appropriate ... Learn more

connect june 2015
Connect Newsletter June 2015

... Learn more

comm benefit report 2014 thumbnail
Health Service and Community Benefit Report 2014

It has been a dynamic year for Cabrini in Australia. Our founders, the Cabrini Sisters, are innovators and this is what they expect of us: to continue to develop new and creative forms of charity, respond to the challenges that we face both on a local and human level and involve ourselves in concrete actions and constant discernment of our resources. ... Learn more

st frances a passionate life
St Frances Cabrini - a passionate life

St Frances Cabrini: a passionate life was commissioned by Cabrini Health to make this remarkable woman accessible to a new generation of employees, supporters, friends and benefactors. ... Learn more

Cabrini Patient Experience Strategy 2013-15

The purpose of our patient experience strategy is to establish a planned approach to improving and enhancing patient and family centred care across Cabrini, in order to help us achieve the strategic priority of improving our patients’ experience with us. ... Learn more

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