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News and Events

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Cabrini Q & A

Q&A sessions are run monthly at Cabrini and support the educational and professional development needs of our staff. We invite to you join the discussion. ... Learn more

Doors open to Cabrini's new community clinics

New specialist outpatient clinics are now open at Cabrini Malvern (situated on the first floor of the hospital’s E block, 183 Wattletree Road, Malvern) to enhance the health, mobility and wellbeing of the local community. No referral is necessary and walk-ins are welcome. ... Learn more

Cabrini launches new staff uniforms

Cabrini is pleased to announce the launch of new staff uniforms on 20 April 2015, which enable patients, residents and their families to know who is caring for them based on what the staff member is wearing. The new staff uniforms meet the functional needs of Cabrini’s workforce and reflect Cabrini’s corporate branding introduced in 2012. ... Learn more

New services open at Cabrini Malvern

Cabrini is pleased to announce the opening of new services on the second floor at Cabrini Malvern, in the building on the corner of Isabella Street and Wattletree Road. ... Learn more

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Cabrini marks Brain Cancer Action Week

Cabrini marks Brain Cancer Action Week (3-9 May 2015) by announcing new program that covers living skills for people who have brain tumours. ... Learn more

Cabrini recognised for research excellence

As a member of Monash Partners, Cabrini shares in the honour of being recognised as one of just four Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs) in Australia. ... Learn more

Great save for Maya

It was an eventful Valentine’s Day (Saturday 14 February) for little Maya Benau (5), her parents Claudia and David and her brother Noah (8) of Carnegie. ... Learn more

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Health Service and Community Benefit Report 2014

It has been a dynamic year for Cabrini in Australia. Our founders, the Cabrini Sisters, are innovators and this is what they expect of us: to continue to develop new and creative forms of charity, respond to the challenges that we face both on a local and human level and involve ourselves in concrete actions and constant discernment of our resources. ... Learn more

Connect april 2015
Connect Newsletter April 2015

... Learn more

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St Frances Cabrini - a passionate life

St Frances Cabrini: a passionate life was commissioned by Cabrini Health to make this remarkable woman accessible to a new generation of employees, supporters, friends and benefactors. ... Learn more

Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2013-14

The Cabrini Institute Annual Report 2013-14 is now available. This report is designed to inform our staff, doctors, donors, stakeholders and the community about Cabrini’s achievements and activities in research, education and health promotion. ... Learn more

Cabrini Social and Community Outreach Annual Report 2013-14

The new Cabrini Social and Community Outreach Annual Report 2013-14 describes the organisation’s achievements in supporting underserved people in Melbourne and beyond. ... Learn more

Cabrini Patient Experience Strategy 2013-15

The purpose of our patient experience strategy is to establish a planned approach to improving and enhancing patient and family centred care across Cabrini, in order to help us achieve the strategic priority of improving our patients’ experience with us. ... Learn more

Cabrini Fact Sheet February 2015

... Learn more

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