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In 2021, Cabrini opened Australia’s first private, women’s-only mental health hospital at Cabrini Elsternwick.

Located in the new Lisa Thurin Women’s Health Centre in the heart of Elsternwick, the Cabrini Women’s Mental Health service focuses on treatment for mental health conditions.

We treat conditions including mood disorders, addiction and complex trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Cabrini Women’s Mental Health information guide

About Cabrini Women’s Mental Health

This modern hospital is the first of its kind in Australia and is a prototype for subsequent services for women. This service primarily focuses on treatment for mental health conditions including:

  • Mood disorders (including depression, bipolar, premenstrual dysphoric disorder)
  • Anxiety
  • Complex trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD)
  • Addiction

As part of Cabrini Health, this 30-bed inpatient unit with psychosocial treatment programs is coupled with new, individualised treatment methods in a private, secure and empowering setting.

This service offers a short-stay mental health program supported with intensive day programs, telehealth and community support. We offer targeted treatments for improving women’s mental health. Women have access to an innovative, biopsychosocial package of care, which provides holistic treatments designed to optimise outcomes for women.

The Lisa Thurin Women’s Health Centre offers:

  • 30 inpatient beds
  • Multidisciplinary specialist workforce
  • Inpatient stay with a range of programs including therapies and lifestyle modification
  • Homecare support, post inpatient care
  • Tailored day/evening programs

To be admitted or referred a client will require a referral from their treating medical professional. To find out more about this process discuss with your GP or psychiatrist.

We operate under the principle that women experiencing acute phases of mental illness have a better response to treatment, better outcomes and better overall wellbeing when they receive treatment in a women’s-only facility. We offer treatments and programs that are individualised to the specific needs of women and characteristics of the illness.

The following principles underpin everything we do:

  • Client-centred
  • Recovery-orientated
  • Holistic trauma-informed
  • Bundled-care
  • Consumer and carer informed
  • Inclusive
  • Research-driven and research-assessed


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