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Cabrini Research

Our researchers and clinicians work together, driving leading-edge research to improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery worldwide.

Welcome to Cabrini Research

Cabrini Research has been the home of innovative research at Cabrini Health for more than 25 years.

Our highly-skilled academic and clinician researchers work together to tackle the greatest challenges in healthcare and improve the lives of our patients and community. Our investigators work across the entire trajectory of research from laboratory discovery to preclinical models, clinical trials and implementation into practice.

Today, Cabrini Research is home to multiple research departments that are closely aligned with key clinical services Cabrini provides to our community. Our breakthroughs have saved countless lives and made significant improvements in how we deliver healthcare in the modern age.

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Gary Richardson

Professor Gary Richardson OAM

Group Director, Cabrini Research

Cabrini Cancer Institute

Our mission is to make breakthroughs which will deliver lifesaving outcomes and provide support for all cancer patients in every stage of their cancer journey.

How to get involved with research at Cabrini

High impact research needs skilled researchers with innovative ideas, strong collaborations with industry and organisations, supportive funding, and first hand experience of consumers to shape the most pressing healthcare questions.

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Thank you for helping us make 25 years of breakthroughs and discoveries. Your generous support has helped us save lives, improve outcomes, and deliver better healthcare. With your continued support we can continue this vital research.

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