We put the safety of our patients and residents first and look for opportunities to improve our care and services. Quality and safety are paramount at Cabrini. A culture of quality improvement requires strong governance.

Cabrini’s clinical governance structure includes our Patient Experience and Clinical Governance Board Committee. A range of committees monitor patient risks and work to prevent risks and improve the quality of patient care. Our planned approach to continuous quality improvement involves reviewing and improving each stage of the patient journey and includes audit, feedback, service redesign activities and innovation. Our quality improvement approach ensures ongoing development of strategies and measures to enhance safety for patients and residents, minimise risk and optimise service quality.

Cabrini’s promise to our patients, residents, families and each other includes the following key principles:

  • We put patient and resident safety first
  • We ask questions to understand the problem
  • We admit when we make a mistake and seek a solution
  • We look for opportunities to improve our care and services
Learn more about patient safety and quality of care we provide at Cabrini.
Learn more about clinical governance, quality, safety and patient experience at Cabrini.


Our hospitals, facilities and services are all accredited with the relevant authorities.

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Standards of Care

Our program to improve standards of care is focused on improving and standardising our practice.

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Managing risks and improving quality

Effective risk management is a vital component of Cabrini's mission.

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Our performance against key clinical indicators

Including results on staff hand hygiene compliance, staph aureus bacteraemia rates, pressure injuries and skin tears, falls, patient satisfaction and benchmarking with peer hospitals.  

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Understanding patient and family experience

Cabrini values feedback from patients, residents and their families as it gives us an insight into the experience they have had with our services, our staff, our facilities and the care that they have received.

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