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Our promise

At Cabrini we are committed to provide you with safe, effective and compassionate connected care in an inclusive, respectful and responsive way to meet your individual preferences, needs and values.

We will treat you in a personal and memorable way at every stage of your healthcare journey.

To make sure that we deliver on this promise we regularly seek feedback on the quality of service people receive in our care.

Patient experience rating

Cabrini Health’s Patient Experience Rating is published quarterly and based on survey results collected from our patients, their family members and carers who have entered our inpatient health service. The survey focuses on the following key areas of care:

Communication – you and your family and/or carer will be:

  • Listened to
  • Treated with respect and compassion
  • Receive information in a way that you can understand

Personalised Holistic Care – you will receive care that is:

  • Safe and effective
  • Meets your individual needs
  • You will be included in making decisions about your treatment and care as much as you would like to be

Pain control/Medication – you are asked about your comfort and informed about the medicines you are taking.

Environment – the physical environment promotes healing, is clean, safe and allows for privacy.

Discharge Planning – you and your family and/or carer will be included in preparing and planning for your health care needs when going home in accordance with your wishes.

Discharge information – you will be provided with information you understand to empower you to manage your own health when leaving our service.

How do we collect patient feedback?

Upon discharge from our hospitals and health facilities, we invite each patient to provide us with their feedback about their Cabrini experience.

The responses are tallied and grouped into ten domains of care. The overall rating represents the average of these satisfaction scores and published on our Patients and Families page at the end of each quarter.


How does Cabrini improve its care and service?

It is recognised that patient involvement leads to a more positive experience and also enables high-quality health care and improved safety.

For further information on how Cabrini improves its care and service please visit our Quality and Safety page.


How can you get involved?

At Cabrini, we want to work with our patients, carers and community members, to help us improve our services to achieve our vision of being ‘the first choice for care’.

There is significant evidence that consumer participation leads to improvements in the quality, safety and accessibility of healthcare services.

Learn more about Cabrini Community Voice