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Your healthcare rights

In alignment with the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, as a patient of Cabrini, you have a right to:

  • Access
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Partnership
  • Information
  • Privacy
  • Give feedback

To learn more, download our brochure on healthcare rights.

To view the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights translated into 19 languages, click here.

Open disclosure

Open disclosure is a process for ensuring that open, honest, empathic and timely discussions occur between patients (and/or their support person) and health care staff after a patient safety incident.

To view our open disclosure policy, click here.

Choosing Wisely Australia

In alignment with Cabrini’s focus on value based care, Cabrini has partnered with Choosing Wisely Australia – an NPS Medicine initiative that brings the community together to improve the quality of healthcare through considering tests, treatments, and procedures where evidence shows they provide no benefit or, in some cases, lead to harm.

Australia’s peak colleges, societies and associations have developed lists of recommendations of the tests, treatments and procedures that healthcare providers and consumers should question. Each recommendation is based on the best available evidence. Importantly, they are not prescriptive but are intended as guidance to start a conversation about what is appropriate and necessary.

As each situation is unique, healthcare providers and consumers should use the recommendations to collaboratively formulate their own appropriate healthcare plan together.

For a list of current Choosing Wisely Australia Recommendations, click here.