How do patients help Cabrini to improve its care and service?

In line with our mission to provide excellence in all our services, we are committed to achieving 100 per cent patient satisfaction and 100 per cent safe care. For these reasons, we are monitoring our services through a series of audits (or checks) designed to help us identify risks to our patients and thereby ensure the safest possible care. Our patients are an invaluable source of information about our services. We plan to encourage feedback by inviting individual patients to participate in brief meetings with Cabrini auditors to answer specific questions about their hospital experience. This sheet outlines our audit process and what we hope to achieve with the help of our patients.

What kinds of audits will be conducted?

We will seek feedback on an individual basis about various health service activities such as:

  • Your understanding of the consent process
  • Your involvement in planning your care at Cabrini
  • Your understanding of specific risks e.g. falls, infection control and medications
  • Your nutritional needs while in hospital

Who are the auditors?

The auditors are Cabrini staff who have completed specific training. They may be qualified nursing staff or they may be staff from our pharmacy, health information services, infection control or medical imaging (x-ray) departments.

What does the audit process involve?

  • An invitation to participate will be distributed to some patients or a group of patients e.g. patients receiving a particular type of care or located in a particular ward
  • If you agree to participate, we will tell you when the audit will take place and the focus of the audit, then the auditor(s) will visit you in your room at a convenient time to conduct the audit
  • If you participate, relevant information may be sought from your medical records to support the audit e.g. evidence that staff have assessed your risk for falls, nutrition, skin health, medication, infection and discharge; evidence that you have provided consent for relevant procedures; and/or evidence that staff have implemented strategies to reduce risk to you while in hospital
  • The information you provide will remain confidential: your name will not be included in the audit reports and your feedback will not be linked to you in any way
  • Participation is completely voluntary and it is up to you whether to participate
  • You are free to change your mind at any time and this will have no impact on your relationship with Cabrini or the care you receive