How does Cabrini improve its care and service?

A feature of the National Safety Quality Healthcare Standards (NSQHS) second edition is to strengthen the roles of patients, carers and families as partners in their own care. It is recognised that patient involvement leads to a more positive experience and also enables high-quality health care and improved safety.

Feedback from patients, residents and their families gives us a valuable insight into the experience they have had with our services, staff and facilities, and the care received.

Feedback is captured in a variety of ways at Cabrini, including questionnaires, follow up phone calls, focus groups, formal complaints and via the Cabrini Compliments Suggestions Complaints form. Feedback is also received from committees and members of the Patient and Family Register.

Cabrini services are monitored through a series of audits (or checks) designed to help identify risks to our patients. An annual audit program that supports the National Standards is managed by Cabrini Clinical Governance Unit. The range of audits have been developed to assess how well processes and services are delivered. By identifying and then taking steps to reduce or remove risks and making improvements, we can ensure the safest possible care. Specific services within Cabrini Health also conduct regular audits to ensure services are delivered as required.

Initiatives being worked on in partnership with our consumers are:


  • Cabrini Patient Portal
  • Refresh of the website
  • Patient Experience Strategy
  • Cabrini Gandel Wing


  • Consumer health resources and various Cabrini services


  • Discharge planning
  • Discharge information provision
  • Consumer involvement in bedside clinical handover
  • An escalation process whereby patients and families can escalate clinical concerns in collaboration with Safer Care Victoria

What can you do?

Your feedback is important to us. If you would like to send your compliments, offer suggestions to help us improve our service, or to make a complaint, please click here.