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Cabrini Anaesthetic Department

Information for anaesthetists applying for accreditation.

The Cabrini Anaesthetic Department was established in November 2010 to assist Cabrini in providing accessible high quality anaesthetic care to its patients. The Cabrini Anaesthetic Department supports 24 hour rostered anaesthetic cover for both general and obstetric procedures. It oversees continuous quality improvement and risk management with Web based anaesthetic incident reporting (WebAIRS), regular quality assurance and risk management meetings, education and training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a CME program for accredited anaesthetists.

Currently, the number of accredited anaesthetists at Cabrini Health exceeds the clinical requirements to develop and sustain a quality and engaged practice consistent with the principles outlined above. Any further applications for accreditation or reaccreditation should take this into consideration prior to submitting an application. Applicants need to understand that accreditation (credentialing) at Cabrini will be granted based on organisational need, quality of the application and willingness to commit to the strategic direction of Anaesthesia at Cabrini.

Anaesthetists seeking to work at Cabrini are welcome to apply for accreditation. Recommendation for accreditation will be determined by the Executive Director of Medical Services in consultation with the Director of Anaesthesia and senior members of the Anaesthetic Department. The applicants will be considered based on how they best meet the needs of Cabrini Health to continue to provide excellence in ‘patient focused’ care.

Consistent with the Medical Staff Structure and Engagement Strategy, the overall number of anaesthetists required to support the needs of Cabrini will be considered in making decisions regarding individual application for accreditation.

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