Updated 19 July 2021

>> Cabrini Maternity FAQs

In line with the latest Department of Health directives, visitors are currently not permitted at Cabrini’s hospitals or care facilities.

Exceptions to our visitors policy apply for maternity patients – a partner/designated support person may attend during labour and birth, and follow through to the maternity ward. We kindly ask that partners/designated support person limits leaving the hospital to once per day.

Other visitors, including siblings, are not permitted on our maternity ward during this time.

If you have any questions about your individual circumstances, please speak to your care team.

Presenting to hospital

Current maternity patients are to phone the Birth Suite on (03) 9508 1261 prior to presenting to hospital for monitoring or medical treatment. A partner/support person is now permitted to accompany the patient to Cabrini for antenatal visits, CTGs or ECVs.

Other information

Maternity classes and tours

Maternity classes and tours have been cancelled until further notice. We are providing online antenatal classes – all booked patients will receive access to these classes via email during their third trimester. Refunds will be provided if you have made a purchase and these can be organised by phoning the Maternity Bookings Office on (03) 9508 1724 (Mon–Fri, 9am-3pm) or emailing maternity@cabrini.com.au.

COVID-19 testing at Cabrini

Cabrini is undertaking pre-operative COVID-19 screening and testing in line with Department of Health guidelines. Patients who require pre-operative testing will be contacted by Cabrini with further information about this process.

If you need any further information throughout your pregnancy, please phone our Maternity Bookings Office on (03) 9508 1724 (Mon–Fri, 9am-3pm) or email maternity@cabrini.com.au.

  • Partner/support person is welcome to come and go as required
  • Siblings of newborns are permitted to visit but preferably within visiting hours (3-5pm and 7-8pm)
  • Patients are also permitted one other visitor per day for a maximum of 1 hour, within maternity ward visiting hours