Cabrini Maternity COVID-19 FAQs

To help minimise the risk of infection transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) to our maternity patients and their babies, Cabrini has implemented the below processes:

  • Women in labour: In line with The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recommendations, Cabrini have updated their policy regarding a support person in birth suite and the postnatal ward. Women may now only have one support person with them during labour, including caesarean sections. That same support person may also stay in the postnatal ward but is unable to leave the hospital once there. Should the support person wish to leave the hospital for any reason, they are unable to re-enter until the partner is discharged home. Under no circumstances can this support person change. Maternity ward visitation has also been restricted and only partners will be able to visit and stay with our new mothers and babies during their stay in hospital. No children, including siblings, will be allowed to visit the maternity ward.
  • Should a partner/support person present with any COVID-19 signs on admission, or develop symptoms while in attendance at Cabrini, they will be asked to leave and be tested for COVID-19. They are unable to return to Cabrini unless they receive a negative result.
  • Maternity classes and tours have been cancelled until further notice. We are providing online antenatal classes – all booked patients will receive access to these classes via email during their third trimester.  Refunds will be provided if you have made a purchase and these can be organised by phoning the Maternity Bookings Office on (03) 9508 1724 (Mon–Fri, 9am-3pm) or emailing
  • Current maternity patients are to phone the delivery suite on (03) 9508 1261 prior to presenting to hospital for monitoring or medical treatment. Please note that due to the current restrictions, partners are unable to accompany the patient to Cabrini for antenatal visits, CTGs or ECVs.
  • COVID-19 testing at Cabrini: DHHS has advised that all patients living or working in a Stage 3 restriction zone need to be tested for COVID-19 prior to elective surgery. At this stage this includes maternity patients who are booked in for caesarean sections - please be aware that partners do not require testing at present. Cabrini will require all patients booked for surgery from Monday, 20 July to be tested. A drive-through testing clinic has been set up in the Cabrini car park, on the corner of Wattletree Rd and Coonil Cres (opposite the hospital’s main entrance at 183 Wattletree Rd) and is open from 7am – 6pm daily. There is no charge for pre-operative testing. After undergoing screening, patients are required to self-isolate until their surgery. If your test is Covid-19 positive, Cabrini staff will notify you and work through the next steps. The Cabrini Covid-19 pre-operative testing clinic can be contacted on (03) 9508 1312.
  • Flower and food deliveries: Cabrini has temporarily stopped accepting flower deliveries and food deliveries to our hospitals, palliative care and aged care facility. Please check our flower and food deliveries page for further updates about this.

If you need any further information throughout your pregnancy, please phone our Maternity Bookings Office on (03) 9508 1724 (Mon–Fri, 9am-3pm) or email