All patients and visitors at Cabrini are required to wear a mask. This is an important infection control precaution to further protect our vulnerable patients and residents. 

  • Staff at our screening desks will provide masks (please note, cloth masks are not permitted).
  • Please ensure you dispose of masks safely by using the clinical waste bins located at the main entry/exit points at our sites.
  • Please perform hand hygiene after disposing of masks.

Unfortunately, no one will be permitted to attend Cabrini if they do not adhere to rules about wearing a mask.

All patients need to wear a mask while at Cabrini, unless you are alone in your room. For more information, please refer to our wearing a mask in hospital document.

For more information about how to put on, wear and remove your mask safely, please see our Cabrini mask guide.

We understand some people may feel anxious or uncomfortable as you get used to wearing a mask. Please see our Tips for wearing a mask document for some advice you might find useful.

For more information about masks and face coverings, please visit the dedicated Department of Health website.

Please refer to the short video resources below to support the correct application and removal of masks: