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How we practice hand hygiene at Cabrini

How does Cabrini's hand hygiene compliance compare?

Overall hand hygiene rate

What does this mean?

Hand hygiene has been directly linked to the spread of infection in hospital. All staff are expected to wash or cleanse their hands

  • before touching a patient
  • after touching a patient
  • before a procedure
  • after a procedure
  • after touching a patient’s belongings or surroundings

What are we doing to improve hand hygiene?

Cabrini regularly undertakes audits and education to ensure staff disinfect their hands in line with the national guidelines.

Hand gel is located at entrances to ward areas and patient bedrooms.

What can you do?

Patients are encouraged to remind staff who care for them to make sure they use the hand gel and regularly practice hand hygiene. Visitors and family members will be asked to use the hand sanitizer gel before and after their visit with you. Place your hands under the pump and squirt the gel onto the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together and roll over your fingers and thumbs.

Cabrini sites’ hand hygiene compliance rates

Malvern hand hygiene rate

Brighton hand hygiene rate

Prahran hand hygiene rate