The department aims to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care for cancer patients and continued advancements in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer via a combination of research, education and clinical practice. 

The department’s focus is firmly on the development of new agents for the treatment of cancer. We participate in phase one, two and three clinical trials using novel agents that are not available outside clinical trials, so our patients benefit from early access to the agents. For more information about the oncology clinical trials program please visit our trials web page Cancer Trials at Cabrini.

Our research also has a significant focus on patient outcomes, particularly looking at tools and interventions to improve the patient experience through better quality-of-life, less toxicity, and better patient survivorship. Please email enquiries about translational research projects and collaboration opportunities to Research Fellow Dr Tali Lang

Head of Department

Professor Gary Richardson OAM

Principal oncologist and haematologist investigators

Dr Yoland Antill

Dr Ben Brady

Dr Andrew Haydon

Dr Kirsten Herbert

Associate Professor Melita Kenealy

Associate Professor Lara Lipton

Dr David Pook

Associate Professor Jeremy Shapiro

Associate oncologist and haematologist investigators

Dr Lucy Gately

Dr Sanjeev Gill

Associate Professor Ian Haines

Dr Despina Handolias

Dr Henry Januszewicz

Dr Sem Liew

Dr Esther Lin

Dr Ben Markman

Miss Joanna Morgan

Dr Tess Schenberg

Professor Max Schwarz

Dr Gaurav Srivastava

Dr Robert Stanley

Dr Karen Taylor

Dr Mark Voskoboynik

Dr Michelle White

Associate Professor Max Wolff

Research Fellow

Dr Tali Lang

Clinical Trials Team Leader

Li Hoon Lai

Clinical Trials Study Coordinators

Daphne Antonopoulos

James Baker

Demis Balamatsias

Theresa Ealdama

Melissa Groom

Kate Hurford

Joseph Miani

Breegini Sahayanathan

Breast Cancer Database and MDT Manager

Melissa Vereker

Family Cancer Clinic

Stephanie Groube

Lynne McKaye