Nursing research is integral to patient care, whether that care takes place at the bedside or during surgery. It provides the evidence to improve and support nursing practice.

At Cabrini, the aim of nursing research is to constantly improve the care we provide by evaluating the safety and quality of our services and clinical practice.

The newly established Cabrini Monash University Department of Nursing Research is an exciting new development that will be promoting nursing research to support the mission of the Cabrini Institute.

One of the main aims is to build capacity of nursing research through engaging with clinicians and supporting opportunities for research training.

If you would like to contact the Cabrini Monash University Department of Nursing Research please email

Head of Department 

Associate Professor Philip Russo

Research Fellow

Ms Lucy Kerr

Research Assistant

Ms Elizabeth Todio

Student Supervision 2020/21

PhD students

  • Ali Teharni, Monash University
  • Angela Ballard, Monash University
  • Pheona van Huizen, Monash University

Honours and Masters students

  • Khanh Truong, Monash University
  • Shanely Miranda, Deakin University

Cabrini Medical Staff Research Scholarship

  • Carmela Cosentino, Monash University

Interested in Nursing Research?

Watch Professor Ruth Endacott, Professor of Clinical Nursing (Critical Care) at Plymouth University in the UK, Jacqui Hastings, Nurse Manager at Cabrini Health and A/Professor Philip Russo, Director of the Cabrini Monash Department of Nursing Research talk about their experiences with nursing research and provide practical tips on how to move In to research.

Watch the video

Tips on writing scholarship applications

In this brief 20 minutes video A/Professor Philip Russo provides some general advice and tips when applying for a scholarship.


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Alan Jackson Research Grant. ‘An exploratory study of the experiences of cancer patients and their caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.’ (2020) $47,211. Russo P (PI), Kerr L (CI), Ilangakoon C (CI), Richardson G (CI), Seletto K, (AI), LeHunt E (AI).

Auric Innovation Grant (Johnstone Family, via Cabrini Foundation). ‘Development of customised distraction techniques for managing acute behavioural disturbance of elderly patients in the emergency department setting to limit use of chemical and physical restraint.’ (2019) $146,993. Blecher G, Kuhn L, Walker K, Flynn D, Joe K, Russo P, Page R, Peisah C.

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. ‘Improved Detection of Infections Following Surgery for Meaningful Public Reporting.’ (2019) $327,192.00. Russo P (PI), Cheng A, Bucknall T.

Industry Grant – Covidien. ‘Establishing the prevalence of healthcare associated infections in two large Australian private hospitals.’ (2020) $15,000. Russo P (PI), Cheng A, Stewardson A, Mitchell B. 

Industry Grant – Covidien. ‘Patient perspectives of healthcare associated infection.’ (2019), $15,000. Mitchell B, Northcote M, Rickett C, Russo P.

NHMRC Ideas Grant. ‘A new approach to disinvestment: Application to falls prevention mobilisation alarms.’ (2020) $1.1M. CIs: Haines T, Shorr B, Botti M, Brusco N, O’Brien E, Redley B, Bowles KA. AIs: Hutchinson A, Mitchell D, Jellete J, Steen K, Boyd L, Russo P, Webb M, Raymond M, Hunter P. 

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