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About our research sessions

The Cabrini Research Sessions is a virtual seminar series designed to showcase research, and quality and innovation projects currently being undertaken at Cabrini Health and in collaboration with hospitals, universities, and research organisations.

They highlight the leading-edge research being undertaken to improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. Attendees can learn and engage in research being performed in many areas including cancer, surgery, musculoskeletal health, cardiology, critical care medicine, precision medicine, infectious disease control, over diagnosis and over treatment, nursing, allied health, psycho-oncology, and health service delivery.

Who can come

These sessions are free, anyone can join. They are open to anyone interested in hearing about the latest research.

When are they held

In 2022, sessions are being held the first Wednesday of every month, plus one an additional session on Wednesday 19 October.

Upcoming research sessions

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Can’t attend but would love to see a session

Unless sensitive unpublished research information is being presented, the sessions are
recorded and can be accessed from our videos page later in the month.

View all of our recorded sessions on our video page.


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Want to speak to someone about attending, accessing or presenting 

Please get in contact with:

Emma Baker
Director of Research
E: ebaker@cabrini.com.au