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How can our obstetricians help you?

Cabrini’s highly-skilled and experienced obstetricians will support you during your pregnancy, throughout your labour and birth, and provide you with important postnatal care after the birth of your baby.

Your obstetrician is key in assisting you to make the right choices for care during and after your pregnancy. Obstetric services may include:

  • conducting regular checks of your baby’s growth, position and wellbeing
  • monitoring your health and wellbeing during your pregnancy
  • performing or referring you for important checks and ultrasound scans
  • helping you prepare for labour and birth
  • answering your questions about pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and recovery
  • supporting you throughout labour and birth
  • providing postnatal care

Find an Obstetrician

Find an Obstetrician

Find an Obstetrician

Cabrini accredited obstetricians

Please find the full list of our accredited obstetricians below with direct links to their doctor profiles. Alternatively, visit our Find a Doctor directory to find the right obstetrician for you.

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