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Using SUpported Motivational InTerviewing (SUMIT) to improve physical activity for
people with knee osteoarthritis

– Emily Bell

Improving patient early mobilisation without physiotherapy assessment amongst nursing staff on inpatient medical wards

– Benjamin Gehrke

Prostate cancer donate program

– David Pook

Establishing patient-derived organoid cultures as a preclinical model of ovarian

– Carolina Lliberos

Personalised approach for the selection of standard and targeted therapies in
metastatic colorectal cancer – Utilising patient-derived organoids to predict
treatment outcome in metastatic colorectal cancer

– Rebekah Engel

Small bowel anastomotic volvulus at reversed loop ileostomy site: a case report

– Melody Feng

D-1553 in patients with KRAS G12C mutated advanced pancreatic cancer

– Gary Richardson

Safety and efficacy of D-1553 in KRAS G12C-mutated colorectal cancer: results from
a phase I/II study

– Gary Richardson

First results from the ENGOT-GYN2/GOG-3051/BOUQUET phase 2 biomarker- directed platform study: cobimetinib (cobi) or atezolizumab (atezo) + bevacizumab (bev) for persistent/recurrent rare epithelial ovarian cancer (eOC)

– Gary Richardson

Correlation of cyclin E1 expression and clinical outcomes in a phase 1b dose-escalation study of azenosertib (ZN-c3), a WEE1 inhibitor, in combination with
chemotherapy in patients with platinum-resistant or refractory epithelial ovarian,
peritoneal, or fallopian tube cancer

– Gary Richardson

Assessing therapeutic window and dose selection of ADG126 (a masked anti-CTLA-4
SAFEbody): Integrating nonclinical and clinical data using mathematical modeling

– Gary Richardson

SCANPatient randomised clinical trial: Synoptic reporting of CT scans assessing cancer of the pancreas

-Ariadna Recasens

A comparison of surgery alone versus surgery plus adjuvant chemotherapy in stage
III colon cancer

– Shehara Mendis

Establishing the clinical quality registry upper gastrointestinal cancer registry liver

– Eileen Lam

Does body mass index influence adverse postoperative outcomes following
colorectal cancer surgery?

– Simon Wilkins

Rising colorectal cancer incidence in the under 50s in Australia: Is it time to revisit
the guidelines for screening?

– Simon Wilkins

Exploring the Unique Risk Factors of Right vs. Left Colon Cancer: A Bayesian model
averaging for Survival Prediction and Dynamic Nomogram Development

– Simon Wilkins

Exploring the Unique Risk Factors of Colorectal Cancer: A Bayesian Modelling for
Survival Prediction

– Simon Wilkins

Antithrombotic haemorrhagic risk in endoscopy patients: a single-institution
retrospective study – preliminary findings

– Pranjal Chaurasia

Factors contributing to congestive cardiac failure, urinary tract infection and constipation readmissions within 7 days of discharge

–  Chania Lobo

Treatment and Outcomes of Early-stage Pancreatic Cancer Treated Across Australian
Public and Private Hospitals

– Annie Guo

PROpatient: a registry-based randomised controlled trial of symptom monitoring and care coordination to improve quality of life for patients with upper gastrointestinal cancer

– Bianka D’souza

The impact of delayed diagnosis and treatment due to COVID-19 on Australian
thyroid cancer: a quantitative registry-based study

– Bianka D’souza

HER2 testing in advanced gastric cancer – understanding and reducing variation in
current practice to improve equity in patient outcomes

– Bianka D’souza

The Australasian Pelvic Floor Procedure Registry: monitoring device safety for women

–  Aruna Kartik

Early detection of brain metastases in a supervised exercise program for patients with advanced breast cancer: a case report

– Eva Zopf

Efficacy of cardiac rehabilitation in reducing readmissions: A retrospective cohort study at Cabrini Health

– Neha Shibu

Impact of low posterior left atrial wall voltage on outcomes of catheter ablation for
persistent atrial fibrillation

– David Chieng

The Impact of Age on Ablation Outcomes in AF-mediated Cardiomyopathy

– Louise Segan

Posterior wall isolation improves outcomes for persistent AF with rapid posterior
wall activity: a CAPLA substudy

– Louise Segan

Sex-specific differences in modifiable AF risk factors

– Louise Segan

Left Atrial Size Does Not Influence Outcomes Following Catheter Ablation in Atrial
Fibrillation with Systolic Heart Failure

– Louise Segan

Left Ventricular Fibrosis Predicts Left Atrial Remodeling in Atrial Fibrillation and
Systolic Heart Failure

– Louise Segan

The role of posterior wall isolation in persistent atrial fibrillation and systolic heart
failure: a CAPLA substudy

– Jeremy William

Patterns of atrial fibrillation recurrence in patients undergoing catheter ablation for
persistent atrial fibrillation

– Rose Crowley

An opportunity to seize from low hanging fruits: capitalizing on incidentally reported
coronary artery calcification

– Lung En Teng

Recovery rates of Diagnostic Cardiac Procedural Volume in Oceania 1 Year Into
COVID-19: The IAEA Non-Invasive Cardiology Protocol Survey on COVID-19 (INCAPS

– Anver Sethwala

Patient-reported outcome measures in colorectal cancer: A pilot study from two
Victorian hospitals

– Christine Georges

Impact of age on Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in patients with Colorectal

– Christine Georges

How long do nosocomial pathogens persist on inanimate surfaces: A scoping review

– Ola Sultan

Topical nifedipine for post haemorrhoidectomy pain relief: a randomised,
prospective, double-blind placebo trial

– Christopher Steen

HAItime®: A novel clinician-led strategy for reducing healthcare associated infections. (HAI) on every ward round

– Visopiano Sanyu

Exploring the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions designed to address
psychosocial distress in young facing a cancer diagnosis within the family

– Ash Hosseini

Cognitive training program for women with mood and complex trauma disorders: a
pilot feasibility and efficacy trial

– Caroline Gurvich

Health survey of refugees and asylum seekers with an experience of immigration

– Bafreen Sherif

Gender-based differences in assessment and management of acute abdominal pain
in the emergency department: A retrospective audit

– Megan Hayes

Exploring post fall management pathways and the experience of the patient

– Paula Newman

Development of a falls-prevention strategy and framework at Cabrini Health

– Paula Newman

Palmitoylethanolamide and Polydatin effect on pain and dysmenorrhea in women scheduled for laparoscopic treatment of possible endometriosis: a double blind randomised controlled trial

– Michal Amir

Emergency Department Presentations for Epistaxis: Is Undiagnosed or Untreated
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea a Risk Factor?

– Hazel Lo

Characterising the diagnosis of maculopathies in a real-world private tertiary retinal practice in Australia: retrospective clinical audit

– Demi Markakis

Online circular contrast perimetry via a web-application: establishing a normative 10-2 database

– Yang Chen

Online circular contrast perimetry: repeatability and comparison to standard automated perimetry

 – Joshua Meyerov

Venous thromboembolism risk assessment and prophylaxis prescribing within an electronic medication chart

– Samantha Loh

Optimisation of heart failure medications on discharge at a single tertiary hospital

–  Sunny Jiaqi Li


Reigniting Age Friendly Health System at Cabrini – 4M’s Framework using Safer Care Victoria Guide (SCV)

– Paula Newman

Ensuring safe airway management: a comprehensive evaluation of difficult airway trolleys in Victorian hospitals

– Teresa Pham

A retrospective review of ‘code grey’ emergency response calls at Cabrini Malvern – Part 2


– Roxanne Lim


Dental Hygiene and Gut Health: A Surgical Case Highlighting the Dangers of Dental Visits

– Nathaniel Flacks

Biomechanical and immunobiological properties of human fascia lata (HFL) vs mesh: implications for pelvic reconstructive surgery.

– David Hennes

Plasma allylamine polymerization of nanostructured poly-L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone implants for pelvic organ prolapse.

– David Hennes

CarbOplatin in Metastatic castrate resistant Prostate Cancer A retrospective study of heavily pre-treated patients (COMPACT)

– David Pook