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Cabrini Malvern redevelopment

A new era

Cabrini has been providing quality, compassionate hospital care for more than 70 years to the south-east Melbourne community. Unlike other hospitals who are branches of larger providers, Cabrini Malvern has always been proud of its strong links to the community it serves, and the delivery of the care that this entails.

Currently we are challenged on two fronts:

  • the ageing infrastructure at Cabrini Malvern
  • the increasing clinical demand for healthcare services in our area

To meet this demand, we have made a commitment to continually invest in the infrastructure needs of our hospital and community.

The Gandel Wing was opened in 2019, but Cabrini’s other buildings were built in the 1950s and 1970s when multi-bed rooms were standard practice and the number of patients we were treating was far less. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the healthcare landscape, fast-tracking our need to redevelop Cabrini.

We need to:

  • convert our multi-bed wards into single bed rooms
  • build new theatres to meet the future clinical demands of the community
  • to develop the Cabrini Cancer Institute to further prioritise cancer research for our community


Community engagement and consultation

As part of the first stage of our broad community engagement, we recently held a community forum for Malvern residents and traders.

Cabrini Board Chairman, Sylvia Falzon and Chief Executive, Sue Williams presented our plans in a session that was recorded (below) together with:

  • Dr Fergus Kerr, Group Director Medical Services and Clinical Governance, Cabrini Health
  • Matt Tymms, Chief Commercial Officer, Cabrini Health
  • Lisa Stubbs, Town Planner, Contour Planning
  • Mark Naughton, Planning Lawyer, Planning and Property Lawyers

Community Consultation Forum recorded 12 July 2022

Frequently asked questions

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