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When you arrive

Please attend Reception where you will be admitted by Patient Services staff.

  • Malvern – please go to the main reception, located at the Coonil Crescent entrance
  • Brighton – please go to main reception, located at the New Street entrance

On admission, please inform the nursing staff if you have any special needs or questions. During your stay, nursing staff will advise you of the services available and the care and treatment you may require after you leave hospital.

Bed allocation

Bed allocations are made on the day of admission. The allocation of a single room is subject to availability and priority is based on clinical needs. Every effort will be made to ensure that your desired accommodation request is met, however no guarantee can be given.

Day Procedure Patients

  • Please follow your doctor’s instructions regarding special preparation prior to your procedure and do not drink alcohol the day before your admission.
  • As certain types of anaesthetics may cause drowsiness and impair your mental awareness, please arrange for someone to collect you after your procedure and remain with you for the following 24 hours. On admission, ask the nurse for an estimated length of stay.
  • Do not wear make-up, jewellery or nail varnish and wear loose, comfortable clothing on the day of your procedure.
  • You will be provided with a personal discharge plan and staff are available to assist with arranging services you may need following your procedure.

Malvern patients only: on the day of your procedure, please bring your Day Procedure Centre brochure with you.

Paediatric Ward

Sleep-over facilities are available for one parent. Parents are welcome to visit at any time and be involved in their child’s care.

Patient Bedside Guide

A patient guide is available at every bedside with information about the range of services available to you, as well general information about how to access our amenities.

Patient Identification

During your hospital stay you will be asked to provide your name, date and address prior to any procedure. This is to ensure the quality and safety of your care.

Wireless Internet (WiFi)

Free wireless internet is available to patients with their own mobile browsing device. However, Cabrini does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your device.

Food at Cabrini

Cabrini is dedicated to creating an enjoyable menu that caters to all special dietary needs, including cultural and religious requirements (e.g., kosher and halal meals). If you have any concerns or specific requests, please communicate with pre-admissions or the nurse caring for you.

In addition to the food prepared by Cabrini, we welcome you to enjoy external foods brought by your visitors or through delivery. Please ensure that the food brought in, or delivered, is safe and complies with Cabrini’s requirements by referring to the following guide ‘Enjoying External Food at Cabrini’.

What to expect

Watch this short video outlining important information about your stay at Cabrini. This video is also available on your patient TV screen at your bedside.

Patient care and safety