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Welcome to Cabrini

Patient care is our primary focus at Cabrini. 

Cabrini has a proud history of caring for the community. Cabrini is owned and operated by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who came to Australia in 1948 to take over the management of a 45-bed community hospital named St Benedict’s. Cabrini now has more than 800 beds with a full range of health services. There are acute facilities at Malvern, Prahran and Brighton, a residential aged care home at Ashwood and a rehabilitation service at Elsternwick. The Cabrini Institute supports education and research to continually improve the quality of care and educate tomorrow’s health professionals.

Cabrini is a not-for-profit health service and all surpluses are used to develop our services and facilities so that we can provide the best possible care for our patients and their families.

Sue Williams
Chief Executive 

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Commonly asked questions for Admission

  • Who will contact me when I am booked into hospital?

    You can be contacted by Patient Services staff and/or Nursing Pre-admission staff. 

    You will receive confirmation from the doctor’s rooms regarding your admission date and time of arrival.

  • What do I need to do before admission?

    Your admitting doctor will give you a Patient Information Booklet containing a patient registration form, health questionnaire and acknowledgement of consent. Please ensure this is completed and returned to the hospital as soon as possible.

  • What about my Health Fund?
    It is essential that you contact your health fund provider prior to your admission to confirm your eligibility, level of cover and liability for any excesses, co-payments or other out pocket cost.
  • When do I pay my excess, co-payment and any other out of pocket costs?
    These costs are payable prior to/on admission. Any additional costs that you may have accrued during your hospital stay should be paid prior to discharge.
  • I don’t have private health insurance, but I intend to pay for my hospitalisation. How do I find out how much I will pay?
    Please contact the hospital prior to admission for an estimate of fees and charges. It is impossible to foresee all circumstances that may affect your account; therefore, this estimate is an approximation only. You will be required to pay the estimated costs of your hospitalisation prior to or on admission.
  • Is there accommodation nearby?

    Yes, for further information and location of accommodation, please contact the Patient Services Department on (03) 9508 1466 for Malvern or (03) 9508 5888  for Brighton, who will assist you with your enquiry.

  • What time should I arrive at the hospital for my admission?
    Your admitting doctor should notify you of your expected admission time. If further clarification is required, please contact the admitting doctor’s rooms
  • Where do I report to for my admission?
    If you are not being admitted to Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA) or Day Procedure Centre, please present to the Main Reception area of the hospital which is located on the Ground Floor main entrance.
  • What is a preadmission phone interview for?

    A preadmission telephone interview is required for patients being admitted for a surgical procedure and staying overnight. A visit to preadmission clinic may be required for particular procedures. Your medical history will be reviewed with you and admission and discharge details discussed. A family member is welcome to attend. You will be contacted by a nursing preadmission staff to arrange suitable appointment time.

  • Do I need to fast prior to my admission?
    Please follow your doctor’s instructions in relation to eating and drinking prior to your admission.