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2019 Cabrini Christmas Legacy Luncheon wrap up


Spectacular beach views set the scene for the 2019 Cabrini Christmas Legacy Luncheon, where our generous donors gathered to celebrate the year’s achievements, farewell Dr Michael Walsh and welcome our new Chief Executive Sue Williams.

Cabrini staff, medical directors and board members interacted with a growing group of special supporters who are transforming Cabrini with their gifts and legacies.

Guests were welcomed and thank by Foundation Director Sue Parkes, before hearing about Sue Williams’ future vision and dreams for Cabrini.

Ms Williams thanked Dr Walsh for his services and achievements at Cabrini, which culminated in the $120 million Cabrini Gandel Wing.

She also gave guests an insight into her life and career, before taking them on took our donors on a journey of the great advances achieved at Cabrini by their support, including new facilities, cutting edge services, state of the art equipment, as well as the latest research and training.

Ms Williams said her aspiration for Cabrini was to be the best private hospital provider in Australia by recruiting the best medical and nursing staff, continuing to upgrade our facilities, purchasing the best equipment, growing research and training and establishing a cancer research institute.

“We will also provide the highest quality of care with precision medicine, new models to care for people at home and improved connectivity with patients and GP’s,” she said.

“Our position today could not have been achieved without the ongoing generous support of our donors.”

Philanthropy is at the very heart of Cabrini. It provides the inspiration and support that we need to ensure that Cabrini continues its high level of care and compassion, with the best medical and nursing staff, the best facilities, research and equipment.

Leaving a bequest to Cabrini is the ultimate gift of a donor. It is the final gesture of a committed life of philanthropy.

Once family is taken care of, we hope you will consider Cabrini is your Will as a partner in your life journey, an ally in your healthcare and the future of your family.

For more information on leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Natalie Sikora on (03) 9508 1380 or email