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A lasting impression counts


Nurse Karli Sullivan and the team at Cabrini Malvern’s discharge lounge have one simple motto – ensure each patient leaves happy and ready for home.

The discharge lounge was initially created to help make the discharge process smoother, but has quickly become a high point of the Cabrini journey for many patients.

“We’re here for patients who are waiting to go home. Sometimes our patients might be ready to go, but they’re waiting on medication or their ride to arrive, so rather than keep them waiting in their bed, we bring them down here,” Karli said.

“But more than that, it’s a place to relax and tie up loose ends before they leave.”

The lounge is stocked with comfortable chairs, an array of magazines, a big screen tv, and a kitchen to offer patients refreshments – including Nespresso coffee – something that has been proven popular.

Patients staying over the lunch period are also offered soup and sandwiches. A nurse is also always rostered on to attend to any needs the patients might have.

“We also get patients who might have just had a PET scan come over to have something to eat after a day of fasting and a bit of a chat – going through a procedure like that can be draining, so we like to recharge them before they leave.”

While the team strive to provide a relaxing environment, they’re also on hand to clear up any questions patients might have before they leave.

“Patients are given discharge instructions up on the ward, but it can be quite a lot to take in, so we’re here to make sure they’re confident about everything when they’re leaving.

When the patient is ready to go, the team escort them to their lift home.

“We don’t want people just standing around at main reception waiting to leave – we want to make the last part of their stay a great experience.

“A lasting impression counts – we want all our patients leave here confident, happy and fit for home.”