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Cabrini baby news for one – actually, two – of our own


Baby Grace Elizabeth is a well-connected Cabrini baby, born 7 July 2022 weighing 2.93kg.

Cabrini ANUM Amy Kay, husband James and big sister Olivia were delighted with her safe arrival.

So is Amy’s mum, Liz Noonan – a long-standing midwife at Cabrini Maternity – who says she is “over the moon”.

With over 45 years’ combined experience between the mother-daughter duo, there’s not much they don’t know about Cabrini.

Amy says she felt lucky to have been supported during both pregnancies by hospital staff in all areas.

“Obviously I have my own personal midwife,” she says. “But it’s lovely working here and having the continuity of care. I felt confident that everyone communicates with each other.”

Baby Grace’s birth was a very different scenario to Amy’s previous experience during COVID lockdowns.

“Last time we couldn’t have visitors. This has been a very different time, not like having a COVID baby.”

Liz, known as ‘Grizzy’ to her grandkids, says she felt privileged to be present when Olivia was born in 2020.

“Last time I was involved in the birth, this time I was waiting at home with little Olivia,” she says.
“We’re a close family. Visitors weren’t allowed then, so Amy held the baby up in the window while we stood outside waving.”

Congratulations to the family – Cabrini is lucky to have you.

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