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Cabrini a number one choice for nurse bank staff


Story by Holly McKay

After graduating from her nursing studies in 1997, Jessica Purcell took up a job at Cabrini and 23 years later, she hasn’t looked back.

Jessica said after finishing her degree and becoming a registered nurse she took up a role at Cabrini because of the close proximity to her home and ended up “climbing the ladder” quite quickly.

In 2005, Jessica became the Associate Nurse Unit Manager on 4 Central, which at the time was the medical/vascular ward.

After a brief period of travel, Jessica returned to Cabrini where she took up a casual position as a relieving hospital coordinator.

“The thing I like about the nurse bank is the flexibility with my kids,” Jessica said.

Jessica Purcell and baby Jimmy

“It also allows me to pick and choose which shifts work best for me. I can work a weekend shift or an afternoon shift. I also really like the mix of cases and the different wards.”

The mother-of-two said there were a lot of great surgeries that took place at Cabrini, which kept work life interesting.

“There’s a great case mix, good critical care, Intensive Care Unit, midwifery, paediatrics – there’s something for everyone,” she said.

But when it comes to what has made her stay for more than two decades, it’s all about the values and the people.

“I really like the values and it has a real family feel.
There’s always lots of smiles in the corridors and it feels like a second home. It really is just a great place to work, they have the latest of everything, and they’re up-to-date with staff training and education and you’re very well supported,” Jessica said.

“It’s a great hospital. I think the fact I’ve had surgery there, had my babies there and work there says it all really.”

Cabrini has more than 360 casual registered nurses and 20 casual enrolled nurses working as part of our team.

We offer full-time, part-time and casual roles to fit in with your lifestyle.

Cabrini recognises the importance of all doctors and nurses in within this COVID-19 pandemic, and we are keen to band together with any healthcare professionals willing to join us in dealing with this community crisis.

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