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Cabrini connection runs in the family


Story by Holly McKay

Nancy Vaynberg is one of the many people who truly make up the heart and soul of Cabrini.

For more than 30 years Nancy has dedicated her working life to Cabrini.

She first started in 1986 as a casual dietary clerk in our food services department before “floating around” and landing in patient services.

Ten years ago Nancy landed a full-time position in health information services and hasn’t looked back. She now works as a coding support clerk based in Malvern.

But it’s her connection to Cabrini through not only her work, but her family too, that sets her apart.

Nancy’s parents, Antonio and Concetta lacono, both worked at Cabrini for more than 20 years in domestic and food services respectively, and it’s also where Nancy was born.

Nancy’s husband, Dmitry, also worked in Cabrini’s finance department for a short period and the couple’s two daughters were also born here.

“It didn’t even cross my mind to go anywhere else,” Nancy said.

“I’ve had all my major life events happen while I’ve been here – I got engaged, got married, had my family here and got to share it all with my work family.

“I’ve shared my life with Cabrini.”

Nancy said while she hadn’t envisaged staying in one place for so long, she now couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

“The people I work with are like my family,” she said.

“It’s a pleasure to come to work each day and work with people I know so well. It’s a really nice family feel.
Others in the department have been there for years too.”

Nancy’s manager, Cameron Barnes, described her as “a perfect example of what Cabrini is about and the importance of our valuable human resources”.

“She still has the passion and desire to do her best every day and ensure that our customers are serviced as well as they can be,” Mr Barnes said.